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New Media adds increased flexibility to our CMS

New Media Development rolled out several upgrades and improvements to several of the modules that make up the New Media CMS. With several upgrades to the Job Manager, POD manager, Form manager and Competition manager and the addition of an all new modular import mechanism for pulling job vacancy data into the Job Manager from third party systems such as Taleo Business Edition.

In addition to the Taleo integration, the Job manager now includes extensive integration with the Google Analytics tracking platform providing web administrators with unparalleled detail in the online attract and recruit process.

Upgrades to the POD manager include the addition of a feature we are calling Conditional POD's allowing a website administrator to control the appearance of POD's in a page depending on certain conditions being met. If the conditions are not met then the POD simply does not appear.

The form and competition manager have also had extensive overhauls and both include several bug fixes and enhancements that improve the user experience when interacting with a website using these modules.

To take advantage of the New Media CMS and it's flexible modular architecture, please contact us today.

Posted on: 28-Nov-2009@19:49:30, updated on: 28-Nov-2009@19:49:30.


NMD integrate ActiveRecruiter for Jessops Careers

Jessops logo - Advice for lifeThe New Media CMS powered Jessops career site today saw the go live of a new integration with ActiveRecruiter from Jobpartners. The integration leverages an industry standard HR-XML based interface to facilitate the transfer of jobs from ActiveRecruiter into the Jessops career site in order to give the jobs as wide an exposure as possible by exposing them to the search engines.

The integration then drive applicants back through the site, transferring them seamlessly to an ActiveRecruiter powered application form.

Jobpartners have become the fourth ATS vendor to integrate their systems with the New Media CMS platform which is capable of providing a seamless applicant experience with the added flexibility of an enhanced career site managed by a full content management system.

To find out how the New Media CMS can deliver an enhanced visitor experience for your site, please contact us today.

Posted on: 06-Nov-2009@18:33:23, updated on: 06-Nov-2009@18:33:23. launch job site with accessible admin logoYesterday, New Media helped Tesco to launch a new careers site for the arm of their business. The site is powered by the New Media CMS and is fully content managed giving the power and flexibility they need to add and modify content as they require.

What is more significant about this launch than any previous site launch for Tesco is that the careers site will be managed and maintained by Alex James who has been blind from birth.

The project to create and build the careers site involved New Media working closely with Alex, identifying areas of the New Media CMS that could be improved to make the management of the site as accessible and straightforward as possible. With the CMS already being standards compliant, only minor modifications were required and once they were implemented Alex was able to concentrate on the more important task of creating and adding the content for the site.

For more information about the New Media CMS, its accessibility and how it can be used to manage your web site, please contact us today.

Posted on: 29-Oct-2009@16:32:35, updated on: 29-Oct-2009@16:32:35.


New Media CMS gets auto archiving features

Today New Media Development rolled out new features for the New Media CMS platform including additions to the event manager, archiving features in the content manager, and search engine optimisation improvements in the jobs manager.

The improvements also include a host of bug fixes and stability improvements that improve the performance of the sites powered by the New Media CMS.

Posted on: 21-Oct-2009@22:12:06, updated on: 21-Oct-2009@22:12:06.


New Media CMS updates rolled out

New Media Development have today rolled out their latest updates to the New Media CMS including upgrades to the latest version of TinyMCE, updates to the CMS file manager and the addition of support for the management of multiple Twitter accounts from one centralised area.

The updates to TinyMCE version 3.2.6 include 20 bug fixes improving support for Internet Explorer when configured with restrictive security settings and improved support for WebKit and Gecko based web browsers such as Safari and FireFox respectively.

Updates to the file manager provide improved support for the upcoming ColdFusion 9 application server and include improvements to the image manipulation functions with support for a wider variety of image types.

Finally, the support for Twitter within the New Media CMS has been enhanced with several new features including the ability to block and unblock people from specific accounts, review followers and friends and configure multiple Twitter accounts so they can all be managed from within the New Media CMS centralising the social media aspect of a site owners online marketing strategy.

For more information about the New Media CMS and how it can help with your online presence, please contact us today.

Posted on: 27-Aug-2009@21:32:08, updated on: 27-Aug-2009@21:32:08.


Closer integration with Twitter for New Media CMS

Twitter logoToday sees the roll-out of phase two of development of the New Media CMS Twitter integration, further improving the ability of the New Media CMS to provide a central platform on which a clients online presence can be managed.

By integrating with social networking sites like Twitter, the New Media CMS allows a client to interact with their visitors without the need to manage several accounts on different sites.

The benefits of tighter integration with Twitter are many but its main benefits are felt in large Enterprise business where sites like may be blocked to prevent abuse by staff.

The New Media CMS integrates in such a way as to allow the management of a corporate Twitter presence without actually visiting or accessing the Twitter website directly and only exposes the basic functionality needed to manage a Twitter account.

The New Media CMS can also automatically create News, Job and Newsletter Tweets, taking the drudgery out of managing announcements from a New Media CMS powered website.

For more information about how a New Media CMS powered site can help you achieve your social networking goals, please contact us today.

Posted on: 07-Aug-2009@13:37:15, updated on: 07-Aug-2009@13:37:15.


A new website for Tracie Koziura Art

www.traciekoziura.comNew Media Development are pleased to announce the launch of Tracie's new website, Tracie Koziura Art.

Created to showcase Tracie's paintings, the site also sports an on-line store for the sale of her Limited Edition Fine Art prints and original paintings. Based on Tracie's art and photography, future plans include the addition of Inspirational Prints and Speciality Products along with a selection of free downloadable desktops. The additional feature of an occasional Newsletter is also in the development stages. The current on-line shop uses a printable order system which, over the next few weeks, will switch to an integrated WorldPay payment gateway to provide visitors with a fully secure shopping facility.

The Tracie Koziura Art website provides enhanced accessibility features for all its visitors backed up by full XHTML standards compliance.

Posted on: 31-Jul-2009@21:43:36, updated on: 31-Jul-2009@21:43:36.


Mail Server upgrades for New Media

MailEnable 3 Pro ScreenshotToday (28th July 2009), New Media rolled out a major upgrade to their mail servers providing a new look webmail interface and a host of other new features including enhanced anti-spam technologies, including greylisting, improved management over mail attachments and increased security through support of SSL for POP, SMTP and IMAP.

Other new features include support for Calendars, and Task lists allowing clients to keep track of their schedules whilst they're on the move.

To find out more about New Media Development and how we can provide a complete Internet service for your business, please contact us today.

Posted on: 28-Jul-2009@10:41:12, updated on: 28-Jul-2009@10:41:12.


New Media CMS gets a new look

We're pleased to announce that we have begun the roll out of our new look CMS to all clients. Over the coming weeks, all New Media CMS powered sites will be upgraded to the latest CMS environment making the management of sites easier and more intuitive than ever before.

The New Media CMS has undergone a full overhaul of its user interface that not only provides a fresh new look but also, clarifies the language used and simplifies the use of the CMS by logically grouping related functions together making things easier to find and tasks quicker to complete. The consistency of the New Media CMS has also been improved making separate modules appear and behave in a more uniform manner which reduces the learning curve for new users and improves the experience of managing a web site for all.

Along with the new look, the New Media CMS now sports some extra features that remove the complexity of more advanced features that are available. The automation of embedding content from one part of the CMS into another for instance, reduces this one task from a 3 page, copy and paste process to just 4 mouse clicks on a single page.

To find out more about the New Media CMS and how it can help to improve your web presence, please contact us today.

Posted on: 01-Jul-2009@13:23:29, updated on: 01-Jul-2009@13:23:29.


New Media CMS integrates OpenCalais for SEO

The New Media CMS today gained another powerful tool in the area of search engine optimisation by integrating technology from OpenCalais to analyse the on-page content of a website and provide industry related keywords and phrases based on the content of the page.

The OpenCalais integration forms part of the SEO analysis tools that are built into the New Media CMS and provides users with an efficient way to identify strong keywords for the content they have written allowing them to simply choose from the list of phrases it has generated for incorporation into the web pages' keyword content.

The SEO analysis tools are a unique feature of the New Media CMS platform that provides its users with a wide array of techniques to increase their sites performance on the search engines.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can assist you to make the most of your website, please contact us today.

Posted on: 23-Apr-2009@17:25:55, updated on: 23-Apr-2009@17:25:55.


New Media CMS now supports and Rurl

Today New Media Development rolled out support for the and Rurl URL shortening services as an alternative to the existing support for TinyURL. Over the coming weeks, we intend to expand support for other popular URL shortening services to add greater flexibility and choice for the users of the New Media CMS platform.

Posted on: 21-Apr-2009@18:37:03, updated on: 21-Apr-2009@18:37:03.


Tesco Careers powered by New Media CMS

Tesco LogoOn Thursday the 16th of April at 9am BST, New Media Development took over the hosting and management of the website. At its heart, the website is powered by the New Media CMS and is integrated with an ATS system that powers the application process.

The New Media CMS provides a flexible and fast way to control the content of the website and delivers a powerful job search facility that lets users subscribe to RSS feeds for specific searches allowing them to keep tabs on the job areas they're interested in without visiting the site.

For more information on how the New Media CMS platform can power your careers site please contact us today.

Posted on: 20-Apr-2009@23:19:53, updated on: 20-Apr-2009@23:19:53.


New Media CMS gets the latest TinyMCE

TinyMCE logoThe latest version of TinyMCE (version has been rolled out to New Media CMS users with added support for Microsoft's newly released web browser Internet Explorer 8 which was released yesterday.

Along with support for Internet Explorer 8, this latest version of TinyMCE also improves support for WebKit based browsers such as Apple's Safari and Google's browser Chrome and also includes several bug fixes, additional features and a new CSS selector engine to more fully support CSS 3 selectors and improve performance of the editor.

For more information about the New Media CMS and its cross browser support, please contact us today.

Posted on: 20-Mar-2009@15:33:48, updated on: 20-Mar-2009@15:33:48.


New Media CMS gets built in HTML validation

Today New Media Development rolled out site wide HTML validation functions to the New Media CMS platform allowing an entire site to be validated within seconds, regardless of the number of pages.

The HTML validation routines are based on jTidy, the Java port of the HTML Tidy project and integrate seamlessly into the New Media CMS allowing the quick and easy identification and elimination of HTML parsing errors where users employ advanced features of the New Media CMS and edit the sites' source code directly themselves.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can help you build a standards compliant website, please contact us today.



Posted on: 25-Feb-2009@23:32:27, updated on: 25-Feb-2009@23:32:27.


New Media re-design Hire Strategies blog

Today saw the launch of the re-designed Talent Technology blog from Hire Strategies. The designs primary goal was to integrate more closely with both the main Hire Strategies website and third party Web2.0 applications such as Flickr and Twitter drawing together many channels into a consolidated site look and feel.

The redesign of the blog explicitly depends on features of the New Media CMS which powers the main site to provide a way of consuming and re-using content from third party sites and makes extensive use of the New Media CMS RSS aggregator and proxy services to re-deploy a single Flickr set within the blog design.

The New Media CMS platform is a great enabler allowing sites and functions delivered by many parties to be drawn together into one cohesive offering and presents a consistent user experience across all features.

For more information about the New Media CMS technology platform and how it can be used to bring all your Internet technologies together, please contact us today.

Posted on: 29-Jan-2009@13:09:42, updated on: 29-Jan-2009@13:09:42.


New Media CMS twitters into life

Today, New Media Development rolled out new features that enable sites powered by the New Media CMS to tightly integrate with Twitter allowing users to post news articles directly from the New Media CMS to Twitter.

By integrating with Twitter, the New Media CMS allows users to take advantage of a powerful communication tool that delivers short updates to followers in a way that is familiar to many millions of people called Micro-blogging.

Follow us on Twitter

New Media Development also released a new feature that integrates with TinyURL! allowing the New Media CMS to convert long website addresses into much shorter representations of themselves. This feature is being used in conjunction with the Twitter integration to allow the New Media CMS to create short links that point back to content created by users on a New Media CMS powered site.

For more information about how the New Media CMS and Twitter can help you to communicate with your audience, please contact us today.

Posted on: 27-Jan-2009@19:37:47, updated on: 27-Jan-2009@19:37:47.


Link checker upgrades provide SEO analysis

Search Engine Optimisation AnalyzerToday (7th Jan. 09), New Media Development launched their latest upgrade to the New Media CMS by extending the link checker to provide automated Search Engine Optimisation facilities.

The link checker now delivers page analysis be examining several elements of a page's content and using the already familiar traffic light system to indicate pages that require a complete SEO service, minor changes or are already providing the search engines with the data they need.

The SEO analysis features can be carried out at the same time as or independently to the existing link checker and sitemap builder functions.

When run, the combined functions provide a complete site report detailing broken links and areas of a site that are suitable for further Search Engine Optimisation as well as providing search engines with a machine readable map of the pages available within the site.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can deliver improvements to your search engine rankings, please contact us today.

Posted on: 07-Jan-2009@23:04:29, updated on: 07-Jan-2009@23:04:29.