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Lincatex powered by New Media CMS

The new Lincatex website launched today powered by the New Media CMS which is providing Lincatex with the ability to improve their search engine rankings through effective SEO techniques built into the New Media CMS as standard.

The new site sports a greater number of pages with more content on every page providing visitors with better information about Lincatex' business and building the sites SEO potential.

For more information about the Lincatex site or how the New Media CMS can improve your search engine rankings, please contact us today.

Posted on: 5 Dec 2008@14:03:27, updated on: 5 Dec 2008@14:03:27.


New Media blog launch

New Media Development today launched their new blog powered by TypePad. The blog integrates tightly with the main New Media Development site by using the New Media RSS aggregator to consume the New Media blog RSS feed so that any blog entries can be displayed on the main New Media Development site.

The New Media RSS feed generator introduces a new RSS to Javascript feature enabling the blog to show all of our latest news feed automatically.

The new feature allows any RSS feed that the New Media CMS generates to be served as a JavaScript snippet of code that can then be embedded into any website even if it does not support the aggregation and re-use of RSS feeds from the wider Internet.

For more information about our new blog or how our New Media CMS can integrate with 3rd party sites, please contact us today.

Posted on: 16 Nov 2008@22:30:38, updated on: 16 Nov 2008@22:30:38.


New Media builds on link checker

New Media CMS - Link checker in actionToday, New Media Development rolled out it's updated link checker to all of it's New Media CMS powered clients.

Previously, the link checker provided a rudimentary check of all the outbound links on a site giving details of its status as a PASS or FAIL.

The new features that have been incorporated into the link checker gives users greater feedback and control over the outbound links on their site, and is capable of identifying dead links, redirected links and good links.

The report produced by the link checker uses a traffic light system to summarise the link quality and goes into greater detail about the nature of each link, showing the link text as it appears on the site, the address of the link and the page on the site where the link is located so users can quickly identify dead or suspect links and can remedy them immediately.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can help to improve the quality of your outbound links, please contact us today.

Posted on: 3 Nov 2008@19:37:48, updated on: 3 Nov 2008@19:37:48.


New Media powers Institute of Management Services

Institute of Management Services screenshotNew Media Development is proud to announce that it is now hosting the Institute of Management Services website powered by the New Media CMS.

The new site was migrated from an existing static site and delivers increased accessibility, greater search engine optimisation features, (X)HTML standards compliance whilst also providing increased integration with the existing regional websites of the Institute.

The new site boasts search engine safe URL's, dynamic content drawn from third party sites, and over 120 pages of content that required extensive use of the IntelliURL features of the New Media CMS to ensure that users who may be using links that are now outdated are accurately redirected to the relevant content using the new search engine safe site structure.

With the move to a fully content managed site, the Institute of Management services aims to remove any maintenance costs associated with the running of the site and improve the speed of content updates.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can help you to deliver an accessible, standard compliant, search engine friendly, content managed website, please contact us today.


Posted on: 1 Nov 2008@17:55:48, updated on: 1 Nov 2008@17:55:48.


Custom code capabilities added to New Media CMS

Today New Media Development rolled out new capabilities for the New Media CMS, introducing features that extend the power and flexibility of the platform further than ever before.

By providing users with the ability to customise their pages by including their own (X)HTML code into both the header of any page within the system and allowing them to add code to the footer of a page, users are now able to include their own style-sheets, javascript and custom headers that they may require for their site.

The addition of such a powerful feature means that a user can extend the capabilities of the CMS beyond the supported javascript libraries without the need for any custom development thereby increasing the functionality of their site without incurring any further development costs.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can give you the power and flexibility you need for your website, please contact us today.

Posted on: 15 Oct 2008@00:20:36, updated on: 15 Oct 2008@00:20:36.


Introducing customisable event based e-mails

Today, the New Media CMS gains another powerful feature to improve the communication between site owners and users.

The New Media CMS is fully event driven and as an extension to its architecture, it now has the ability to trigger and send user defined e-mails when specific events occur. This feature allows site owners to tailor their communications with their users providing the best possible customer service response from a content managed website.

For more information about how a New Media CMS based website can help you communicate with your users, please contact us today.

Posted on: 1 Oct 2008@12:55:38, updated on: 1 Oct 2008@12:55:38.


New Media CMS gets user defined custom stylesheets

The New Media CMS today gained a powerful new feature allowing site administrators of the New Media CMS to add their own styles to their website by using the CSS editor that has been built into the platform.

The feature uses the stylesheet compiler that was previously introduced to the New Media CMS in April 2008 to "fold in" the user defined styles as part of the standard stylesheet for the site taking advantage all of the benefits of a single external stylesheet whilst providing the power and flexibility of a user defined stylesheet.

For more information about how you can take control of your website, please contact us today!

Posted on: 1 Oct 2008@12:50:06, updated on: 1 Oct 2008@12:50:06.


New Media CMS updates

We are pleased to announce that the latest revisions to the New Media CMS were successfully rolled out this weekend. This feature release improves many aspects of the CMS and provides greater reliability, efficiency and flexibility for users of the New Media CMS.

Major work has been carried out in several areas including e-Commerce, Newsletter management, SEO management, and the Navigation and Page management features which are at the heart of the New Media CMS.

The e-Commerce modules have been improved with the addition of variable shipping rates capable of providing shipping rates based on the weight of the order and/or, the distance of the customer from the point of shipping. Also, with international shipping rates differing on a country by country basis, the e-Commerce system is able to reflect this too. To add even more power and flexibility to the shipping rate features, exceptions in the form of postal code zones can be added which allows vendors to accommodate shipping costs to remote areas.

The Newsletter management module now provides the long awaited feature of scheduling allowing users to set and forget the time at which a newsletter will be sent out to its subscribers.

The SEO and Page management modules have received several behind the scenes updates to improve upon their reliability and consistency delivering a much improved experience when setting page titles, keywords and descriptions within each page of the site.

The Navigation manager has been improved to support multiple styles of navigational elements within one set of site navigation. This feature allows each link within the site navigation to have it's own unique look using colour, imagery and even font styles.

Additional javascript resources have also been added for use with the New Media CMS including the availability of SWFObject and sIFR to produce content rich sites that are still fully accessible, falling back gracefully where JavaScript and Flash players are not available.

For more information on the New Media CMS and how it can provide a feature rich experience for your visitors, please contact us today.


Posted on: 30 Sep 2008@11:54:41, updated on: 30 Sep 2008@11:54:41.


TinyMCE rolled out to New Media CMS users

The latest version of the TinyMCE WYSIWYG has been rolled out to the users of the New Media CMS after extensive testing since its release.

With over 170 issues being addressed and over 20 new features and functions being added, the latest release of TinyMCE promises to deliver even more flexibility to the users of the New Media CMS than ever before.

Posted on: 22 Sep 2008@15:54:24, updated on: 22 Sep 2008@15:54:24.


CFX_IMAP4 Enterprise 2.0.21 released

It is with great pleasure that we'd like to announce the release of CFX_IMAP4 Enterprise 2.0.21. All other versions of the popular CFX extension for ColdFusion remain unchanged from version 2.0.20 as this release applies directly to the secure sockets implementation within the Enterprise tag.

To find out more about the CFX_IMAP4 tag, you can visit our store or to upgrade from a prebious version of the tag, you can visit our updates centre.

Posted on: 22 Sep 2008@15:23:27, updated on: 22 Sep 2008@15:23:27.


Homeserve career site goes live!

Screenshot of the Homeserve career site New Media Development and delighted to announce the launch of Homeserve's career site aimed at generating applicants for their head office in Preston.

The site provides information about working at Homeserve, benefits recieved and job descriptions for a variety of roles that are on offer from Homeserve.

Posted on: 4 Aug 2008@08:19:43, updated on: 4 Aug 2008@08:19:43.


TinyMCE rolled out to New Media CMS

The latest release of TinyMCE has been rolled out into the New Media CMS and is available to all clients as of today. TinyMCE introduces many enhancements including full keyboard navigation of the interface, a reduced memory footprint in the browser together with many bug fixes and stability improvements delivering a fast and reliable platform with which users of the New Media CMS can control every aspect of their sites content.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can deliver full control over site content in an easy use interface, please contact us today.

Posted on: 8 Apr 2008@14:54:19, updated on: 8 Apr 2008@14:54:19.


New Media introduces "CSS compiler"

The New Media "CSS Compiler" is a new feature of the New Media CMS that improves the the delivery of New Media CMS websites and increases their responsiveness by reducing the number of network requests to download the constituent files that go to make up a web page.

In todays web design world, Cascading Stylesheets and semantic (X)HTML markup are used in conjunction to provide the look and the content of the website in two distinct parts and as designs increase in complexity, so to does the number of stylesheets that are required to achieve the sites look and feel.

Increasing the number of stylesheets that a site requires increases the load on the server and reduces the responsiveness of the site for visitors. The "CSS Compiler" is a direct response to this problem and works by compiling all of the sites stylesheets into one file, thereby reducing the number of file requests for stylesheets down to one. According to an Exceptional Performance article published by Yahoo!, reducing the number of file requests for a page is one of the top 10 ways of improving site performance.

In our tests of "CSS Compiler", the performance increases have been found to be noticable by site visitors and response times have been shown to improve by up to 40% for any given page.

For more information about how a New Media CMS driven website can deliver your content more quickly, please contact us today.


Posted on: 8 Apr 2008@14:44:53, updated on: 8 Apr 2008@14:44:53.


New Media release CFX_IMAP4 2.0.20

Today sees the release of an update to the CFX_IMAP4 suite of tags. Since its release in 2003, it has provided many users with the ability to connect their ColdFusion applications to mail servers using the IMAP protocol and programatically manage their entire mailbox.

Posted on: 8 Apr 2008@14:19:51, updated on: 8 Apr 2008@14:19:51.


IntelliURL gets a powerful new feature

Providing greater search engine and user friendly features through the New Media CMS is key to keeping our clients sites at the top of the search engine rankings and the forefront of technology and the latest features of IntelliURL show our commitment to this ethos perfectly.

IntelliURL has always been a useful tool for offline marketing purposes as it allows clients to create short and memorable URLs to resources within the site that may require complex and long URLs in normal use and its ability to spell check and correct any URLs that may have been mis-typed has helped to improve the user experience for site visitors when visiting the site from an offline starting point.

Today, IntelliURL improves on this established technology by incorporating full URL rewriting capabilities into its feature set.

Traditionally, URL rewriting has required a large amount of configuration and maintenance by a web-server administrator using specialist modules and plug-ins to allow URL rewriting to take place. The New Media CMS now opens up the capabilities and advantages of URL rewriting to any of its users by providing a simple and effective method of creating aliases for any pages or resources within the site.

For more information about how a New Media CMS powered site can help you and your users make the most of the Internet, please contact us today.

Posted on: 20 Mar 2008@17:02:50, updated on: 20 Mar 2008@17:43:58.


Talent management network gets a new skin

Talent Management Network screenshotThe Ning powered Talent Management Network launched by Hire Strategies this week is sporting a look that has been designed and developed by New Media.

The aim of the design was to maintain brand consistency across the Hire strategies sites whilst fitting in with the layout and design restrictions placed on the site by Ning.

When the site was launched, Peter Gold of Hire strategies said "New Media have yet again done a fantastic job in taking a new technology platform and turning it into a workable business application."

The Talent Management Network was also integrated with the Hire Strategies main site and the Hire Strategies blog using RSS feeds from both sites to pull all of the user content together and tightly link the sites together.

For more information about how New Media can help to leverage 3rd party technologies and integrate them with your site to provide a seamless and rich user experience, please contact us today.

Posted on: 20 Mar 2008@16:44:51, updated on: 20 Mar 2008@16:44:51.


New Media mail servers get anti-virus filters

New Media Development has rolled out anti-virus filters on their e-mail servers to help combat the high levels of e-mail borne viruses that are prevalent on the Internet today.

The anti-virus filters examine all e-mails passing through the mail server and tag any e-mails found to be infected with a virus as well as removing the payload before final delivery.

For more information about how New Media Development can help to secure your e-mail, please contact us today.

Posted on: 11 Mar 2008@01:13:32, updated on: 11 Mar 2008@01:13:32.


New Media goes to CFUnited Europe

CFUnited Europe attendeeOn the 12th and 13th of March, New Media Development will be attending the CFUnited Europe conference in Hammersmith, London. The conference covers many topics including building "Rich Internet Applications", server reliability and maintenance and includes talks by usability experts from America and Europe.

In preparation for CFUnited, Paul has been busy for the last few weeks preparing to interview some of the speakers at the conference and you can find his first interview with Mark Drew on the Fusion Authority website. The interview with Mark covers both subjects of CFEclipse and configuring the ColdSpring framework that he will be talking about at the CFUnited Europe conference.

Posted on: 10 Mar 2008@15:50:33, updated on: 10 Mar 2008@15:50:33.


Sender Policy Framework rules tightened

In response to the increase in SPAM that purports to originate from domains hosted by New Media Development, we have tightened the specifications of the Sender Policy Framework rules that designate genuine mail servers that can send mail on behalf of the domains we host.

The effect of this is two-fold. Any e-mails that are received by our mail servers that claim to be from domains we host will now fail in accordance with the Sender Policy Framework rules our mail servers implement. Secondly, any third party mail servers will have a definitive list of approved mail servers that are able to send mail on behalf of our clients and the domains we host.

For more information about Sender Policy Framework (SPF), visit the OpenSPF website or for more information about how New Media Development deploy SPF for our clients, please contact us.

Posted on: 10 Mar 2008@15:40:31, updated on: 10 Mar 2008@15:40:31.


New Media launch Universal Search

Adding to the functionality of the New Media CMS, we are proud to announce the introduction of a new search feature we are calling "Universal Search". This new module brings together all of the existing and any future search functions within the New Media CMS allowing site visitors to search through pages, products, jobs and more through one simple search request.

Using specialist search technology and an innovative "blending" method, the search results from the Universal Search module are returned in order of their relevancy, regardless of the source of the individual search results and increases the usability of the sites that use it by allowing the site to provide a single unified search page.


Posted on: 26 Feb 2008@22:10:57, updated on: 26 Feb 2008@22:10:57.


New features for the New Media CMS

Several new features were today introduced into the New Media CMS in a simultaneous rollout across all of the New Media CMS powered web sites.

Focusing on extending the functionality of the New Media CMS, some existing features have been upgraded whilst some features are completely new with the main new features including:

  1. Changes to the form manager which allow users to create forms that can post to any location on the Internet.
  2. Upgrade of the WYSIWYG editor, TinyMCE to version 3.0.
  3. Improvements to the POD manager to allow for "tabbed pods" of content.
  4. A full "Internet style" search engine facility has been built into the shop manager allowing for extensive keyword search capabilities.
  5. The user session manager has been extended to allow for customer service representatives to identify and "grab" the contents of a customers shopping basket.

Several other aspects of the New Media CMS have been updated to provide an improved user experience through usability revisions and performance enhancements which together make a New Media CMS powered site both fast and friendly for visitors.

To find out more about the New Media CMS and how it can help you deliver an excellent customer experience, please contact us today.

Posted on: 19 Feb 2008@01:21:42, updated on: 19 Feb 2008@01:21:42.


New Media roll out upgraded mail servers

This weekend, New Media Development rolled out upgrades to their mail servers further improving the services they offer with tighter server security and introducing server level Bayesian filter based SPAM detection to further improve the way in which we can help our clients deal with the ever increasing amount of SPAM.

Take a look at our updated details for managing spam or contact us for further information.

Posted on: 10 Feb 2008@11:55:15, updated on: 10 Feb 2008@11:55:15.


Hire Strategies wins best UK recruitment blog 2007

Hire Strategies Blog ScreenshotThe Hire strategies recruitment blog has today been announced as being the winner of the best UK recruitment blog for 2007 of which the announcement can be read here.

The look and feel of the Hire Strategies blog was developed by New Media to be in-keeping with Hire Strategies main site which is powered by the New Media CMS.

We'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate Hire Strategies on their award and look forward to a bright future working together to develop new features and functions that add value to both the site and blog. 

Posted on: 30 Jan 2008@17:25:15, updated on: 30 Jan 2008@17:25:15.


Competition manager module launched

New Media are proud to announce the launch of the all new Competition Manager module. The module integrates seamlessly with both the online shop module and the form manager module to allow users to define competitions that are either free to enter or carry an entry fee.

Competitions integrate with the form manager to provide a flexible way to build any number of details into each competition allowing the site to gather an extensive amount of information for each entry.

One of the first sites to adopt the Competition Manager is the Ashby 20 road race which also integrates with the online payment gateway Protx to allow the organisers to accept fee paying online entries to the race thereby automating a large amount of the information gathering process which has previoiusly been done by hand, transcribing entry details into an access database.

By moving to an online system powered by the New Media CMS and Competition Manager, the organisers of the Ashby20 road race expect to reduce their workload significantly.

UPDATE: Since going live earlier today with the Competition manager and online payement system, the Ashby20 site has received numerous items of positive feedback of which we have included an example here.

I race with my running buddy all of the time and we take it in turns to enter both of us into races. This is the first time I have been able to enter both of us as one transaction - brilliant and a huge time saver! I am very grateful for this facility.


For more information about how a New Media powered CMS can increase your productivity and make your customers experience as good as possible, please contact us today.

Posted on: 18 Jan 2008@04:22:49, updated on: 18 Jan 2008@16:11:51.


Tesco site performing well in the search engines

Fashion at Tesco screenshot Within one month of launching the new Fashion at Tesco site, the New Media CMS powered application is already achieving page one search engine results positions that place it firmly on page 1. 

By targeting generic phrases like 'careers in fashion' and 'fashion careers' as well as the more specific phrases like 'fashion jobs at Tesco', the New Media CMS is helping drive a high volume of qualified traffic to the Tesco Fashion careers site and is making the process of publishing a site that is search engine friendly quick and easy.

As the recruitment requirements change rapidly within the Tesco fashion business, the Fashion at Tesco site is able to respond to those changes and reflect the latest needs allowing each page to be re-optimised in record time and feeding the search engines with the latest information automatically using the Sitemaps notification mechanisms that most of the major search engines provide.

For more information about how a New Media CMS powered site can help you optimise your online presence, contact us today. 


Posted on: 18 Jan 2008@04:04:28, updated on: 18 Jan 2008@04:04:28.


Search engine enhancements for New Media CMS

The New Media CMS today received a boost to the power of its internal search engine features with an enhanced search term parser which has been overhauled completely in the last few weeks and now delivers a simpler, yet more powerful search experience for site visitors.

Mimicking the features of the major search engines, the New Media CMS search functions now allow true phrase based searches and the ability to specify words that must not appear within the search results as well as those that absolutely must appear.

For more about how a New Media CMS powered site could serve your clients, please contact us today.

Posted on: 9 Jan 2008@14:16:14, updated on: 9 Jan 2008@14:16:14.


Enhanced stock control for e-commerce systems

Integrating with the new purchase order management system, New media has today rolled out an enhanced version of its stock control system allowing clients to more easily keep track of their stock.

When a purchase order fulfillment is received, clients can track the items that were ordered and enter how many were received against how many were ordered. When this is done, the stock system automatically increases the amount of stock for that item by the number received ensuring a seamless integration between the online stock control system, purchase order management system and the e-commerce store front.


Posted on: 9 Jan 2008@14:02:37, updated on: 9 Jan 2008@14:02:37.


Enhanced purchase order management rolled out

New media has today rolled out an enhanced version of its purchase order management system allowing clients to create and track their purchase orders from their websites. The purchase order management system is built upon the pre-existing supplier management system and takes out a lot of the work involved in generating new purchase order requests.

The purchase order manager is designed to allow clients manage the generation of purchase orders quickly and easily and features:

  • Generate purchase orders for low stock items or choose from all items from a specific supplier
  • Automatically populates the majority of details required for each purchase order
  • Generation of PDF copies for archive and e-mailing purposes
  • Track the fulfillment status of existing purchase orders
  • Enhanced management of archived purchase orders
For more information about how the New Media CMS and e-commerce platform can help you with your online business, please contact us today.

Posted on: 9 Jan 2008@14:02:19, updated on: 9 Jan 2008@14:02:19.