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Tesco launches New Media powered site

Screenshot of the Fashion at Tesco homepageNew Media Development are proud to announce the launch of a new career site for the Fashion at Tesco brand.

The career site is powered by the New Media CMS and provides a high level of integration with third party applicant tracking systems through its HR-XML interface and custom RSS feeds.

The site was developed to be in-keeping with the main Fashion at Tesco site branding whilst being mindful of the rapidly changing requirements that the Fashion at Tesco site has. These aspects of the site design meant that New Media Development had to re-develop the site templates from the ground up in order to provide a fully standards compliant careers site that sports enhanced accessibility user interface features providing an improved experience for all visitors to the site.

Posted on: 27 Dec 2007@16:55:05, updated on: 27 Dec 2007@16:55:05.


A new look for Hire Strategies

Screenshot of the new look Hire Strategies home pageNew Media Development are pleased to announce that this week, Hire Strategies took delivery of their new look website powered by the New Media CMS.

The development work for the new look covered the main site, a blog, an HTML newsletter, PDF documentation and Microsoft Word templates providing Hire Strategies with a consistent look and feel across all aspects of communication with clients. 

The Hire Strategies site provides enhanced accessibility features for all its visitors backed up by full XHTML standards compliance and integrates the latest breaking HR and Search Engine news using RSS feeds ensuring the site is automatically updated on a regular basis from various sources on the web.

Posted on: 17 Dec 2007@01:03:16, updated on: 17 Dec 2007@01:03:16.


Site Search integrates with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Logo Tracking your users on a New Media CMS site just got easier. With the launch of Site Search tracking facilities in Google's Analytics package, New Media Development have adapted their site search allowing it to tightly integrate with Google so you can track who is searching for what on your site at any time.

The advantages of tracking your users search queries are many, but primarily, you can use it discover exactly what it is your users want from your site. By tracking your users demands in this way, the New Media CMS can help to reveal new business opportunities and allow you to quickly respond to those demands using its powerful content management facilities.

For more information regarding the New Media CMS and how it can be used to improve your business, please contact us for more information. 

Posted on: 23 Nov 2007@23:30:43, updated on: 23 Nov 2007@23:30:43.


New Media trials TinyMCE 3 alpha 2

Moxiecode Logo This week, as part of our ongoing commitment to advancing the New Media CMS for our clients, New Media began trialling the latest alpha release of TinyMCE 3 on our development servers.

TinyMCE is a core component of the New Media CMS and by taking part in early alpha testing we are able to help shape the latest release of the WYSIWYG editor and iron out any issues that there may be for our clients well in advance of a full stable release.

The alpha release of TinyMCE 3 has been re-written from the ground up and has a smaller, more efficient code base that is significantly faster to download and run in a users browser. There have also been many refinements to the AJAX features of the editor including changes to the spell checker which was flagged during our initial testing processes and New Media have already successfully implemented a spell checking facility for TinyMCE 3 in ColdFusion.

Posted on: 13 Nov 2007@03:21:23, updated on: 13 Nov 2007@03:21:23.


Performance and functional gains for New Media CMS

Adobe PDF logoNew Media today rolled out new features for their e-commerce platform that provide users with the capability to generate PDF documents directly from data within their e-Commerce and CMS systems.

Initially, these features have been rolled out to enable PDF invoice and delivery note generation but plans are in place to extend these features into several areas of the New Media CMS platform allowing users to benefit from the ability to view their information in a variety of different formats. For the future, support for other file formats is also in the pipeline with increased support for exporting documents in Microsoft Word format too.

Increased performance

Since migrating to the ColdFusion 8 platform in October 2007, New Media have also introduced several features and performance enhancements to their CMS and e-Commerce platforms that leverages the increased functionality provided by Adobe's Application Server over previous versions.


Posted on: 6 Nov 2007@18:31:34, updated on: 6 Nov 2007@18:31:34.


New Media CMS gains integrated validation checks

New Media integrate automated markup and accessibility checks into their CMS Today New Media Development rolled out new features for their New Media CMS customers that includes an integrated markup validator using the W3C online validation service and an automated accessibility test courtesy of Cynthia Says.

By using validator's to check their content, New Media CMS users can guarantee the quality of their website structure and content thereby maintaining a high level accessibility for their visitors.

The introduction of these new features into the New Media CMS again underline New Media's commitment to providing accessible websites that allow their owners to provide the best possible experience for their visitors. For more information regarding how the New Media CMS can be used to power your website, please contact us

Posted on: 6 Nov 2007@03:20:26, updated on: 6 Nov 2007@03:20:26.


New Media deploys Adobe ColdFusion 8

ColdFusion 8 logo New Media Development is pleased to announce that after extensive testing, ColdFusion 8 from Adobe has now been successfully deployed on our production servers.

By deploying ColdFusion 8 New Media Development will be able to deliver greater website performance whilst at the same time, increasing the flexibility and power of the web applications that we develop and that ColdFusion is known for.

Over the coming weeks and months, New Media will be building upon the strong foundation of the New Media C.M.S. to deliver even greater functionality and usability for our clients and their visitors.

For more information about how New Media Development can keep your website ahead of the game, please contact us today.

Posted on: 12 Oct 2007@19:44:37, updated on: 12 Oct 2007@19:44:37.


Improved e-commerce reporting in the New Media CMS

A screenshot of the stock performance reports in the New Media CMS New Media are pleased to announce the latest updates to their New Media C.M.S. e-Commerce solution.

Designed to improve product sales intelligence, these latest updates allow users of the New Media e-Commerce platform to review best selling items on a monthly basis and review the sales performance of individual items over previous months.

The reports are designed to be a useful addition to users of the New Media C.M.S. and such, they can be downloaded at anytime ready for importing into all popular spreadsheet applications.

Posted on: 10 Oct 2007@17:19:03, updated on: 10 Oct 2007@17:19:03.


Mothercare Jobs sees traffic double

Since re-developing and deploying a new careers site for Mothercare's careers website in July as part of their strategic partnership with Hire Strategies Ltd, New Media Development have overseen a doubling of visitor traffic to the Mothercare Jobs website.

Not only have we seen a greater number of visitors and applications, we have also seen a significant increase in the number of page impressions per visitor by offering them a greater level of information about what it is like to work at Mothercare.

Posted on: 8 Oct 2007@00:59:13, updated on: 8 Oct 2007@00:59:13.


Stay up to date with your content

Keeping on top of your content, making sure your site is up to date and simply knowing when to make those regular updates to your site can be a tricky business.

Today (8th October 2007), New Media Development launched a new feature of their New Media C.M.S. that allows you to define how often a page on your site is updated. When an update is imminently needed or overdue, the New Media C.M.S. simply reminds you in a clear way that you need to review your content and make updates accordingly.

Posted on: 8 Oct 2007@00:35:18, updated on: 8 Oct 2007@00:35:18.


Are you calling Hot Bike Bits?

In the last week, we have received a couple of calls from customers of hot bike bits regarding order enquiries.

Unfortunately, it seems that a typographical error has been made on the e-mails that are sent from the hot bike bits website and our telephone number has been entered rather than theirs.

We have approached hot bike bits and asked them to make the change to their website and they assure us that they will make the changes as soon as they have the time. Due to this error and unspecified length of time between notification of the error and hot bike bits making a rectification, we are posting the contact details for hot bike bits here:

Hot Bike Bits is owned and run by Chris Wilson of

3 St George's House
Vernon Gate

Tel: 01332 370022

Posted on: 12 Sep 2007@12:12:45, updated on: 12 Sep 2007@12:12:45.


Webmail systems upgrade success

As part of our ongoing programme of service improvements, New Media Development today launched their new webmail service offering a greater amount of control and flexibility over how our users manage their e-mail including the ablility to add, edit and remove mail folders so that important e-mails can be safely stored outside the inbox.

The new webmail system offers greater integration with the New Media mail servers and delivers increased performance allowing users to more quickly manage their e-mail account.

For more information about the services New Media Development provide, please contact us

Posted on: 11 Sep 2007@14:48:34, updated on: 11 Sep 2007@14:48:34.


New Media CMS News manager overhauled

As part of the rolling development of the New Media CMS, the News Manager module has been overhauled to provide a more flexible platform to deliver and manage news items for content editors.

The overhaul includes integration with popular social bookmarking sites, Digg!,, reddit and StumbleUpon and also offers a more flexible RSS feed capability providing both RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 RSS feed formats allowing users to subscribe to your sites latest news updates more easily than ever.

Enhanced control, improved detail

The news manager now includes the capability to delay the posting of a news article, allowing an editor to choose when the content should "go-live" on the site in advance.

Other features include the ability to provide a supplemental section to the news item allowing an editor to include more in-depth information as part of an extended news article.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can give you complete control over your website and its content, please contact us today.

Posted on: 6 Sep 2007@22:29:17, updated on: 6 Sep 2007@22:29:17.


New Media roll out user defined access keys

Accessibility logos The New Media CMS has for many months supported access keys as part of its suite of accessibility features. Today, the New Media CMS has received further improvements to the support of access keys, now offering site visitors the ability to define their own access keys as they see fit.

By allowing visitors to define their own access keys, the New Media CMS provides a way for those users to gain full access to the site whilst ensuring that it does not interfere or clash with any assistive technology that the user may have.

For more information about the New Media CMS and how it can help you to provide an accessible experience for your users, please contact us today.

Posted on: 5 Sep 2007@14:34:21, updated on: 5 Sep 2007@14:34:21.


The Eyesite gets an accessibility update

The eyesite homepage New Media today set live a range of updates to the Eyesite, bringing it up to date with the latest guidelines in accessibility and providing visitors to the site with enhanced means of navigating around the site.

The Eyesite offers a huge amount of information to sufferes of RP and has always offered its content in a variety of colour schemes and text sizes, whilst respecting any users personalised accessibility settings. Now, the site provides improved keyboard navigation through the use of Access Keys and enhanced visual indicators of the visitors location on the site and their currently selected links.

For more information regarding how New Media Development can provide an accessible website for your visitors, please contact us today.

Posted on: 4 Sep 2007@01:56:41, updated on: 4 Sep 2007@01:56:41.


Phase 2 Mothercare jobs goes live

Mothercare Jobs homepage screenshot On the 30th August 2007, New Media Development and Hire Strategies Ltd delivered phase 2 of the Mothercare jobs recruitment website, integrating directly with Mothercare's new Applicant Tracking System from Vurv Technology, Inc.

The New Media CMS was extended to include a jobs database providing a powerful keyword and radial distance postcode search enabling visitors to quickly locate and apply for vacancies local to them. As part of the project, New Media Development also implemented an HR-XML interface to enable Mothercare to post vacancies directly from their Vurv powered ATS directly into their career site allowing for a seamless transition from visitor to applicant.

Posted on: 1 Sep 2007@23:31:20, updated on: 1 Sep 2007@23:31:20.


New Media attain GAWDS membership

Guild of Accessible Web Designers logo.On the 29th August 2007, New Media Development Ltd had their application to the Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS) accepted after passing a rigorous site inspection and taking part in an in-depth interview regarding accessible design issues, techniques, standards and best practices.

By becoming a member of GAWDS, New Media Development have again demonstrated their commitment to the principles and practice of accessible web design to ensure that our clients and their visitors get the best from the sites that we provide.

For more information regarding how an accessible website can help you and your visitors, please contact us.

Posted on: 29 Aug 2007@11:54:28, updated on: 29 Aug 2007@11:54:28.


New Media's servers have a new home!

New Media are pleased to announce the successful re-location of their servers from Telecity Group to a purpose built facility in Maidenhead operated by RapidSwitch.

The move provides our servers with increased bandwidth and improved administration facilities allowing us to provide an improved level of service to our clients at the same great rates as before.

For more information on how New Media Development can provide you with enterprise level hosting services, please contact us.

Posted on: 24 Aug 2007@02:04:15, updated on: 24 Aug 2007@02:04:15.


A site to be proud of!

As part of a strategic partnership with Hire Strategies Ltd, New Media Development is proud to announce the launch of the new Mothercare careers site

The Mothercare careers site is based upon the New Media CMS and provides a flexible base from which the new Mothercare careers portal can grow.

Designed from the ground up to be accessible, search engine friendly and match the demanding design specifications of the main Mothercare site, at its launch, Wendy Cowan - HR Business Partner for Mothercare was quoted as saying "We now have a site to be proud of!"

For more information about how the New Media CMS can power your website, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Posted on: 21 Jul 2007@22:50:42, updated on: 21 Jul 2007@22:50:42.


New Media CMS gets SEO upgrade

The New Media CMS has always been geared towards building and managing search engine friendly websites and the latest round of upgrades to the Content Management System provide even greater accuracy and flexibility for users to build and create search engine friendly URL's.

The New Media CMS is able to take free text and seamlessly convert it into a search engine friendly form ready for use as part of a search engine friendly URL. When a user creates a new page, all this happens automatically and the navigation builder includes search engine safe text that is both keyword rich and on-topic for the page that is associated with it.

For more information regarding how you could create and manage an effective website that is search engine friendly, contact us today.

Posted on: 13 Jul 2007@18:31:15, updated on: 13 Jul 2007@18:31:15.


Backup made easy

As part of the continual development of the New Media CMS, New Media have launched backup functionality to provide a single click backup for all user files that have been uploaded to a customers site.

The backup facility generates a zip file of all user contributed content and makes it available for download whenever a user requests it providing a flexible way for users to access and store their content offline.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can help you manage your website, please contact us.

Posted on: 10 Jul 2007@15:05:59, updated on: 10 Jul 2007@15:05:59.


New Media roll out improved anti-fraud systems

28th June 2007 - Today, New Media Development rolled out improvements to their e-Commerce platform providing support for both the Mastercard Securecode and Verified by Visa programmes through the 3-D secure mechanism which provides increased protection for both the consumer and retailer when performing e-Commerce transactions online and are aimed at reducing the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

For more information about how an e-Commerce solution from New Media Development can provide a stable and secure experience for your users, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Posted on: 28 Jun 2007@16:11:54, updated on: 28 Jun 2007@16:11:54. launched

New Media Development are proud to announce the launch of their latest clients new website at The site is based on the latest incarnation of the New Media CMS platform and is designed to allow new features to be rolled out easily over the coming months.

For more information regarding the New Media CMS and how it can deliver a flexible website that can grow with your business, contact us today.

Posted on: 19 Jun 2007@04:03:36, updated on: 19 Jun 2007@04:03:36.


Free web site health check service

New Media Development Ltd. have launched a web site health check service to ensure web site owners are getting the maximum benefit from their site.

The service comes in both free and premium versions and cover exactly the same check points although the free service is limited to 5 key pages. Prices for the premium service are dependant on the size of the website but can start from as little as £250.

To find out more or request a web site health check, take a look at our website health check information page.


Posted on: 10 Jun 2007@10:05:16, updated on: 10 Jun 2007@10:05:16.


New Media rolls out CMS improvements

New Media today underlined their commitment to improving the quality, stability and functionality of the New Media CMS by rolling out an update to all clients providing them with stability fixes for Firefox when using the spell check functions together with improvements to the FAQ, content, navigation and POD management modules of the New Media CMS.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can be used to leverage your Internet presence, contact us today.


Posted on: 29 May 2007@02:53:39, updated on: 29 May 2007@02:53:39.


New FAQ section launched

Today, New Media Development launched a new section to their website offering solutions to frequently asked questions for our clients and software customers. Over time, the FAQ section of the site will grow to cover more areas of interest allowing us to serve our clients more effectively.

Posted on: 23 May 2007@23:39:47, updated on: 23 May 2007@23:39:47.


New Media introduces form manager

Building on the flexible New Media CMS, New Media Development today rolled out the form manager module into production sites allowing users of their content management systems to design and deploy custom built forms.

By introducing the form manager, users of the New Media CMS can interact with visitors to their site and generate personalised response e-mails using any of the data that has been submitted through the form mixing this information with custom templates that can be defined in the New Media CMS.

Form submission response pages can also be created to contain any custom form values and present further information to the visitor after they have completed the form.

Any data that is captured in the form submission process can be optionally stored in the New Media CMS for later export and analysis using standard tools such as spreadsheets or databases.

For further information on how the New Media CMS can help you to interact with and understand your visitors more, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Posted on: 16 May 2007@13:43:49, updated on: 16 May 2007@13:43:49.


Spellcheck rolled out in 11 languages

New Media Development are proud to announce the addition of spell checking functionality to the New Media CMS to further enhance and improve the experience for our users.

Initially offering spell checking in 11 languages, the facility provides New Media CMS users with a much needed service allowing them to detect and correct typographical and spelling errors quickly and easily.

For more information about how you can harness the power of the New Media CMS, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Posted on: 11 May 2007@11:14:37, updated on: 11 May 2007@11:14:37.


TinyMCE 2.11 incorporated into the New Media CMS

On the 8th May 2007, MoxieCode Systems AB released the latest version of their rich text editor TinyMCE which is used to power the New Media CMS page editing module. This latest release brings the version number to 2.1.1.

The release includes several enhancements and bug fixes which further increase the features and flexibility of the New Media CMS by allowing the system to directly support a wide range of multimedia file types including .wmv, .swf, .mov and .ram files and embed them directly into web pages with no technical knowledge being required.

The inclusion of TinyMCE 2.1.1 into the New Media CMS represents New Media's continuing commitment to offering the highest quality content management systems with a wide range of features that can grow and evolve with our clients requirements.

For more details how the New Media CMS can make your life easier, please contact us to discuss the merits of choosing a Content Management System from New Media.

Posted on: 8 May 2007@23:51:05, updated on: 9 May 2007@15:36:16.


Aquaskipper goes e-Commerce

New Media Development are proud to announce that they have just rolled out a significant upgrade to the Aquaskipper UK website. Powered by the New Media CMS, the Aquaskipper site has had several modules added to it that seamlessly integrated with the existing site including the integration of a solution from Protx that provides card services for the processing of orders online.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can grow with your business and provide you with the flexibility to choose what you want when you want it, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Posted on: 9 May 2007@13:09:39, updated on: 9 May 2007@13:09:39.


CF_ClusterLock tag released to the community

New Media Development has today released CF_Clusterlock to the ColdFusion development community to help maintain critical sections in a clustered environment. The custom tag is designed to scale across any number of servers and allows ColdFusion developers to synchronise their code in a clustered environment when thread safety is required across an entire distributed application.

New Media Development are available for consultancy work specialising in troubleshooting ColdFusion applications, and helping them to scale successfully. For more information regarding how we can help you, please contact us today.



Posted on: 3 May 2007@13:35:15, updated on: 3 May 2007@13:35:15.


New Media trials RobotReplay

As part of our ongoing programme to analyse user trends and activities on our clients sites, New Media development is trialling a new type of site analytics software that integrates seamlessly with content managed sites provided to our clients.

RobotRelay will allow our clients to track exactly what a user does when visiting their site and see how they can help to improve their users experience making their sites more usable and more profitable in the process.

For more information about how integrate RobotRelay into our products and how this can help you to maximise your websites potential, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.


Posted on: 2 May 2007@15:06:48, updated on: 2 May 2007@15:06:48.


Introducing IntelliURL™

New Media Development is proud to announce the release of the IntelliURL™ algorithm as part of the New Media CMS ensuring the delivery of an improved visitor experience by automatically correcting errors in the URLs that may have been entered by a visitor to your site.

IntelliURL™ employs techniques derived from the discipline of artificial intelligence in order to correctly match a URL entered by a site visitor to the actual URL that the New Media CMS requires and subsequently delivering the correct information to the visitor regardless of any errors in the content of the URL that is entered by the user.

With the release of IntelliURL™, New Media Development shows once again that it is dedicated to providing a content management system that is robust, easy to use and creates a visitor experience that is second to none.

For more information regarding IntelliURL™ and how the New Media CMS can boost your online presence, contact us today.

Posted on: 22 Apr 2007@01:23:50, updated on: 22 Apr 2007@01:23:50.


Access key support for Content Managed sites

A small but significant feature that is mostly overlooked when building an accessible website is that of Access keys. Access keys are crucial to website navigation for users that do not have or are unable to use a mouse.

Today, New Media Development are introducing functionality into to their Content Management system that allows its users to set access key values for any of the links in their site navigation thereby increasing the accessibility of their websites for all users.

For more information about access keys and how New Media Development can help you build an accessible website, contact us today.

Posted on: 18 Apr 2007@16:00:51, updated on: 18 Apr 2007@16:00:51.


New Media introduces sitemaps protocol integration

As part of the ongoing development of the New Media CMS, we are proud to announce the release of the New Media Development sitemap generator.

Sitemaps are special files that are stored on a website which search engine spiders can use to discover changes to existing pages or the addition of new pages more quickly.

Just a few of the search engines that support the Sitemaps protocol are Google, Yahoo and MSN and more information about sitemaps can be found at the official Sitemaps website.


Posted on: 16 Apr 2007@17:31:03, updated on: 17 Apr 2007@12:26:36.


New Media updates to TinyMCE 2.10

As part of the ongoing maintenance process for the New Media CMS, we are pleased to announce that we have just completed an extensive upgrade to TinyMCE v2.10.

TinyMCE brings a great deal of flexibility to the New Media Content Management system and is a core component in maximising the ease of use for users.

More information regarding TinyMCE can be found at the TinyMCE website.


Posted on: 16 Apr 2007@17:39:57, updated on: 16 Apr 2007@17:39:57.


Security Information service from New Media

In an effort to help clients manage their security, New Media Development have employed their latest RSS and POD management modules to bring their site visitors the latest Internet and PC security from around the web.

The Security News page uses these new features to aggregate, collate and present the latest security news in an easily accessible format from several different sources, thereby giving readers a broad overview of the current security status of the Internet.


Posted on: 14 Apr 2007@14:18:00, updated on: 14 Apr 2007@14:18:00.


New Media roll out new features

As part of the ongoing development of the New Media CMS offered to our clients, we are pleased to announce the introduction of several new features that can be included as part of our clients online marketing strategy.

The new features include the addition of RSS feed aggregation, Content Pod management for placement of small sections of content within pages and RSS syndication for sites that use the News management, Events management and Articles management modules providing even greater flexibility for our clients when managing their own content.

For more information about taking advantage of the New Media CMS, contact us today.


Posted on: 14 Apr 2007@13:59:31, updated on: 14 Apr 2007@13:59:31.


New site launch

New Media Development are pleased to announce the launch of their new site!

Employing their latest content management systems to control every aspect of the site, New Media Development are eating their own dog food!

Posted on: 11 Feb 2007@18:32:45, updated on: 11 Feb 2007@18:32:45.