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Using anti-virus software

Virus protection on your PC is one of the most important issues for both business and personal computer users. With the widespread take-up of Broadband Internet access, the risk of infection continues to grow with new viruses being developed and released almost daily.

Prevention is better than cure

With regards to virus infections, preventing them from getting a toe hold is a far more desirable position to be in than having to go through the pain of removing them and repairing the damage done after the fact.

nod32 logo Good anti-virus software is the key to achieving a virus free computing experience and to that end, we can recommend several solutions that will suit a range of budgets and systems. For our own anti-virus requirements, we use nod32 from eset as it provides excellent protection from viruses whilst being unobtrusive in its day to day operations and has achieved an unparalleled success rate in independent tests run by Virus Bulletin .

Online virus scanning

Do you think you are infected with a virus or do you just want to have a PC checkup? Using the sites below, you can scan your system for viruses and ensure that your PC is in good shape.

New Media Development recommend that you do not rely on these services for your normal day to day virus protection, instead, we recommend these tools for use as a second opinion for you normal anti-virus protection applications.

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