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The Early Learning Centre career site uses HR-XML to import vacancies directly from the Mothercare Group recruitment systems for instant publication.


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Showcasing your catalogue

Your product catalogue is the single most important aspect of your e-Commerce site. It is your sales window and it always has to be at its best. Your catalogue has to make the shopping experience a simple and informative one making individual products must easy to find, attractive to your visitors and last but not least, easy for them to buy.

Each product must be showcased in such a way that it gives your customers as much information about the product as possible, using a combination of photos, text descriptions and where applicable, product statistics.

The New Media Development e-Commerce platform delivers on these requirements and more. Whether you are selling a CD, a book, an item of jewellery or you want to take online bookings for courses or events you can easily configure your site to do just that. At any point, your site visitors can then modify their shopping baskets by adding, editing or removing items quickly and easily.

For more information on how the New Media Development e-Commerce platform can deliver for you, please contact us .