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The ALDI Ashby 20 site provides information about the Asbhy 20 road race and uses an e-commerce system to take online entries.


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Video and audio services from New Media

With the rise of video self-publication sites like YouTube and Google Video. The New Media CMS has been developed to allow you to embed videos from these sites directly into your websites quickly and easily.

In addition to being able to "mash up" content with other websites, our servers deploy industry standard media streaming services capable of delivering your audio/video productions at a variety of bandwidth speeds giving every visitor the best possible audio/visual experience their Internet connection allows.

When used in specific areas, a video can often be the perfect way to relate a large amount of information in a short period of time. If a picture paints a thousand words, just imagine the amount of detail a video can convey!

Using our services, our clients have used video streaming to successfully demonstrate products for sale, showcase their talents when enter-training at a company conference, even used video of clients providing testimonials for their services.

Whatever your media requirements are, our media streaming services will drive your multimedia offerings providing the smooth and seamless delivery of your audio or video content.

Video streaming from YouTube is made easy by the New Media CMS