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Access all areas!

Increasingly, accessibility is one of our clients' primary concerns for their web site as the legal requirements for providing a web site that offers all visitors full access to the facilities that are available are getting tighter and the repercussions for not complying with the relevant accessibility guidelines and laws can be financially damaging as increasingly, visitors to sites that are denied access are using the courts to force businesses into providing access to their web site.

On the 2nd of October 2007 in the United States, a federal court judge ruled that two separate actions against the owners of the website could proceed even though, after the lawsuits were originally filed had taken steps to increase the accessibility of their website for all users.

Guild of Accessible Web Designers logo As members of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS), New Media Development are committed to the principles and practice of accessible web design. The sites we provide our clients are built to follow the best practices of accessible web design and offer visitors the best browser experience possible.

Beyond Accessibility

The term accessibility however, should not and does not just apply to enabling your site for disabled users. Whilst this has been a major factor in what has driven accessibility to the forefront in recent years, accessibility also covers topics such as mobile computing whereby your visitors access your site using a mobile phone, next generation games console and other devices. By building an accessible website, you are maximising your potential audience across the entire spectrum of users.

Accessibility increases search-ability 

The same techniques that make your site accessible to any mobile computing device also make your site search engine friendly too. This is of increasing importance as your site has to compete in an ever expanding universe of websites all jostling for position at the top of the search engines.

Testing your site for accessibility issues 

After verifying your website conforms to various accessibility requirements via a set of automated tests, it is then extensively tested using a variety of web browsers from text only DOS based browsers like Lynx, right through to the latest and greatest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari from Apple. We even test the sites we build using various mobile phones and a Nintendo Wii just to ensure that the sites are usable using a completely different medium from the humble P.C.!


Sites are checked in several browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari