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The Region 11 Training site uses the New Media CMS allow Region 11 to update the content of the site as they need.


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Compare your search engine results

When we are asked to improve a sites search engine performance or when we are building a new site, we are often asked to make the site perform like company X or company Y in terms of rankings as those sites are identified by our clients as their main competition.

Website comparison software showing the relative performance of websites on different search enginesTo help you identify your competitors keywords, analyse how they perform we can provide you with detailed reports on how your site compares with the competition. We can also highlight any websites that may be competing for search engine position using similar keywords that you may not have been aware of.

This service allows you to analyse your competition more thoroughly and also consider whether the keywords you are currently using are the right ones for your business.

You can compare your site against several of your competitors sites by using the reports we can provide that covers the differences between keyword choice, number of back links (and where they originate from) and a whole host of other features of web page design that all play a part in your successful search engine placement.

The New Media CMS also offers a moderated way for you to manage a reciprocal link exchange within your own site.

How to choose the right keywords

Keyword research can be one of the more time consuming parts of your whole search engine optimisation programme. If you are willing to spend more time on this part of the process, then the dividends later on will be that much greater.

When reviewing your competitors, it is worth considering that although a competitors site may rank more highly for a particular set of keywords, it doesn't necessarily follow that using those keywords actually provides your competitor with the type of business you are looking to capture on your site.

New Media Development offer a service that examines the common keyword combinations and with a little thought, identifies variations that are more specific, reduce keyword competition and help you rank more highly with increased relevance to the search query.

Generating links

Choosing the right keywords is only part of what goes into achieving good search engine positioning. Another major factor in how your site performs in searches depends on an active linking programme obtaining links from complimentary sites pointing to your own.

We can help you achieve the right mix of links from other sites by helping you to identify prospective sites that would find your site of value to their visitors. The more value your site is perceived to have, the more likely you will be able to build links to your site quickly and easily thereby achieving increasing the popularity of your site within it's sector.