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The Early Learning Centre career site uses HR-XML to import vacancies directly from the Mothercare Group recruitment systems for instant publication.


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Site statistics and analytics services

Getting to know your visitors is an important factor in making sure you are communicating effectively online. If you aren't talking to the right people or they aren't looking at what you want them to, you need to know and you need to act. Now.

Using advanced analytics software, New Media Development can produce detailed site traffic reports and walk you through the various aspects of the information that has been distilled, helping you to understand your visitors and improve their experience when they use your site. Our sites also fully integrate with services such as the "Google Analytics" application allowing you to integrate the analysis of the performance of "Google AdWords" and "Google AdSense" services too by defining goals and sales funnels that help you identify any areas of your site that need attention.

When you combine all of the information that a site traffic reports provide together with effective search engine optimisation, you can review your sites performance, identify which changes you make are most effective and increase your visitor traffic and more importantly, your conversion rates on your site.

This process of report, review and change should be seen as continuous cycle. After all, once a user had read your content, what incentive do they have to come back? By keeping your site fresh you will encourage users to visit and re-visit your site often.

Using the reports to review the performance of any changes to see if they had a positive or negative impact is incredibly useful and over time, the cycle of review and modification will help to increase your visitor traffic, streamline the processes on your site and increase customer conversion rates.

Using Google Analytics to track visitors