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Analyse your "on-page" keywords to increase traffic

What you think your keywords are, what your keywords actually are and what your keywords should be are often 3 completely different things. In order to gain a high search engine ranking, these three key aspects of keyword analysis and optimisation should be consistent. Without specialist copy and keyword analysis tools, it is often very difficult to see whether or not the consistency is there.

New Media Development offer keyword analysis services whereby your sites content and keywords can be tailored to ensure maximum traffic. We can do this for you by analysing visitor logs, performing keyword analysis on your website tying it all together with the practical experience that we have gained optimising sites for search engine performance over several years.

How does keyword analysis work? 

Using Keyword analysis of a websites content is crucial to achieving high search engine rankingsWhat you think your keywords are can usually be found in a section of your web pages called the "head". This area of your web page carries a description of the page and any keywords you have chosen for the page.

What your keywords actually are can be found by performing analysis on your web pages. This involves using specialist tools that show you how a search engine interprets your site content and identifies exactly what your keywords are, identifying them by their prominence, density and overall count within the page.

What your keywords should be is defined by what your prospective customers are typing into the search engines when they are looking for the services or products you offer. More importantly, it is those key words and phrases that are being used by your visitors that actually result in a sale or a new customer enquiry that you need to be most interested in.

Good site optimisation could actually result in a drop in traffic. But, if your optimisation truly is good, the drop will be offset by an increase in the value of your orders.

By looking at these three facets of keyword choice, we can advise you on any changes to your site to improve the performance of each and every page.

Contact us today to find out about our service in depth and get a no-obligation quote.