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Paul Vernon B.Sc. (Hons.) Soft. Eng.

Paul has actively worked with computers from an early age, experimenting with, dismantling, rebuilding and programming them which eventually resulted in him attaining a degree in Software Engineering in 1997.

Since then, Paul's work has taken him all over the world with some particularly memorable moments in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Jacksonville in Florida.

After returning to the UK in 2000, he began writing web applications with a small group of colleagues for large UK high street names such as the Bodyshop and Debenhams, some of which are still in use today (Jan. 2009). During this time, Paul learnt about building highly scalable websites with fault tolerant features becoming responsible not only for the software but also, the hardware on which those sites were running.

Canary Wharf

Paul also gained a certification in Software Testing in 2002 and employs the skills he attained whilst studying for this qualification in the development of each and every project that he works on.

In 2003, New Media Development Ltd was formed when Paul joined Tracie full time, applying the skills and techniques he has learnt throughout his career to build e-Commerce systems, Content Management systems (CMS) and a host of other web based services.

Since March 2004, when New Media Development invested in its first web server, Paul has also been responsible for configuring, installing and maintaining the hosting platform which is currently located in the purpose built Rapidswitch co-location facility in Maidenhead.