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The Region 11 Training site uses the New Media CMS allow Region 11 to update the content of the site as they need.


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Hosting your website

New Media Development offer competitive rates for hosting clients websites and are able to offer many services that other hosting providers are unable to supply.

We can achieve this because we 100% own our own servers and co-locate them in a world class data center Maidenhead, UK. By doing this, we can control every aspect of the web hosting services that we provide and we aren't reliant on or restricted by any third party policies or procedures.

DELL servers in standard rack mount configuration Using our own DELL servers in this way also allows us to monitor each and every client site to a greater degree of accuracy helping us to provide a service that is just that bit better than the competition.

Our staff has over 10 years experience in hosting enterprise class web services for clients and, in the past they have designed and built clustered, load-balanced, high traffic solutions for several high street names that have reliably served millions of pages for their users every month, day in, day out, since 1999.