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The Fashion at Tesco site provides a showcase for jobs and allows for easy integration with third party ATS.


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Managing your domains

Registering your own domain name is your first step to a consistent brand image for your business and its web presence. It is often the case that in order to protect your brand, you may need to register more than one domain name in order to stop similar domains being hijacked by domain squatters or competitors.

As a registrar for Nominet, resellers for Centralnic and an affiliate of MelbourneIT, we are able to register a wide range of domain names on your behalf quickly and easily. By managing the registration process for you, we can register a domain and provide e-mail and web services within 24 hours of your order.

Along with domain registration, we can offer custom DNS management services that allow a broader use of your domain name than the usual registration of the "www." address and e-mail hosting.

All of the domains that New Media Development manage support anti-spam measures such as Sender Policy Framework, which can provide your domain name with added integrity in today's Internet climate where SPAM is more prevalent than genuine e-mail.

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