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The Fashion at Tesco site provides a showcase for jobs and allows for easy integration with third party ATS.


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e-Commerce solutions for your business

Some projections indicate that e-Commerce will account for 25% of the United Kingdoms G.D.P. by 2010 with 85% of the UK population being regular Internet and e-Commerce users. These figures show just how important e-Commerce is becoming for all of us in today's connected world.

We have been building successful e-Commerce sites since 1999 and our experience with developing e-Commerce websites will help you to build a reliable and profitable online business enjoying high visitor numbers coupled with an excellent sales conversion rate which is the key to building a successful e-Commerce website.

Introducing the New Media e-Commerce system

The New Media e-Commerce system is a flexible, robust and efficient platform delivering a website that gives visitors a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Featuring functionality including stock control, featured products, related products and  custom reporting together with a host of other features too numerous to list, the New Media e-Commerce system integrates with several online payment gateway systems to give you everything you need to start trading online quickly and easily.

For more information on how you can put your website to work, please contact us.