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The Fashion at Tesco site provides a showcase for jobs and allows for easy integration with third party ATS.


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Bespoke website design services

A screenshot of Clive Gott's website First impressions count, it's a fact of life. The design of your websites look is essential and having a great looking homepage is critical to making a good first impression with your visitors. Each visitor makes their decision about your site within the first few seconds of arriving and it is these precious few seconds where your web design has to grab and hold their attention.

Your homepage will be viewed between ten and one thousand times more often than any other page on your site and if you think about it, it has a lot to do! It is the page that builds your brand identity, it is the page that establishes the look and feel for your site, it is the page that tells people what you do in just a handful of words.

New Media Development can assist you in creating the perfect balance between style and substance with advice on writing style and a keen eye for a good looking design. Offering functional features from the very beginning of your visitors website experience, will help to engage and retain their custom. The key is to offer your visitors exactly what they want and if what you offer isn't what they want, help them to make that decision quickly and easily.

Screenshot of the Mothercare careers site The design of your website goes much deeper than simply how it looks. After all, beyond the homepage lies the rest of your site and just as much planning should go into the overall site structure as goes into the look of your site. Having a professional, and attractive website that is easy to get around is another key element in engaging them at the earliest possible moment.

With the advanced New Media CMS, you are able to quickly and easily create a site structure that has both depth and clarity providing your visitors with an easy to navigate site that offers a wealth of information.

The web designs we build are template based and there can be multiple templates applied to your site so you can distinguish separate areas clearly to your visitors. When you create a page, you can choose from a range of templates allowing you to define the feel of the page for yourself.

For a demonstration or more information about how you can take control of your website design, please contact us today.