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ColdFusion CFX tags

Many years ago, we developed a whole suite of C++ 32-bit CFX tags to augment ColdFusion facilities. They were actually written in Delphi but used a clever bit of x86 assembly language to integrate with the ColdFusion C++ API.

Over the years, ColdFusion evolved and it is now a fully 64-bit server platform and many of the features that the CFX tags provided were simply built into later versions of ColdFusion.

Our most popular CFX tag was CFX_POP3 which came in Standard, Pro and Enterprise versions. With the advent of 64-bit ColdFusion, it still provided features that the standard CFPOP function did not and so, I re-wrote the tag as a pure ColdFusion/Java extension which was made available on RIA Forge as POP CFC.

For a while, I lost my account details to RIAForge and was unable to update the archive with the latest version including a fix for SSL timeouts. Thankfully in January 2017, I remembered by account details and have been able to update the project.

All of the CFX tags are no longer available or supported but I've left the documentation online for anyone that still requires it.