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The Fashion at Tesco site provides a showcase for jobs and allows for easy integration with third party ATS.


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New Media adds increased flexibility to our CMS

New Media Development rolled out several upgrades and improvements to several of the modules that make up the New Media CMS. With several upgrades to the Job Manager, POD manager, Form manager and Competition manager and the addition of an all new modular import mechanism for pulling job vacancy data into the Job Manager from third party systems such as Taleo Business Edition.

In addition to the Taleo integration, the Job manager now includes extensive integration with the Google Analytics tracking platform providing web administrators with unparalleled detail in the online attract and recruit process.

Upgrades to the POD manager include the addition of a feature we are calling Conditional POD's allowing a website administrator to control the appearance of POD's in a page depending on certain conditions being met. If the conditions are not met then the POD simply does not appear.

The form and competition manager have also had extensive overhauls and both include several bug fixes and enhancements that improve the user experience when interacting with a website using these modules.

To take advantage of the New Media CMS and it's flexible modular architecture, please contact us today.

Posted on: 28-Nov-2009@19:49:30, updated on: 28-Nov-2009@19:49:30.