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New Media CMS updates rolled out

New Media Development have today rolled out their latest updates to the New Media CMS including upgrades to the latest version of TinyMCE, updates to the CMS file manager and the addition of support for the management of multiple Twitter accounts from one centralised area.

The updates to TinyMCE version 3.2.6 include 20 bug fixes improving support for Internet Explorer when configured with restrictive security settings and improved support for WebKit and Gecko based web browsers such as Safari and FireFox respectively.

Updates to the file manager provide improved support for the upcoming ColdFusion 9 application server and include improvements to the image manipulation functions with support for a wider variety of image types.

Finally, the support for Twitter within the New Media CMS has been enhanced with several new features including the ability to block and unblock people from specific accounts, review followers and friends and configure multiple Twitter accounts so they can all be managed from within the New Media CMS centralising the social media aspect of a site owners online marketing strategy.

For more information about the New Media CMS and how it can help with your online presence, please contact us today.

Posted on: 27 Aug 2009@21:32:08, updated on: 27 Aug 2009@21:32:08.