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The vibrant hire strategies site uses the New Media CMS to integrate a Typepad blog and YouTube videos for maximum impact.


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Closer integration with Twitter for New Media CMS

Twitter logoToday sees the roll-out of phase two of development of the New Media CMS Twitter integration, further improving the ability of the New Media CMS to provide a central platform on which a clients online presence can be managed.

By integrating with social networking sites like Twitter, the New Media CMS allows a client to interact with their visitors without the need to manage several accounts on different sites.

The benefits of tighter integration with Twitter are many but its main benefits are felt in large Enterprise business where sites like may be blocked to prevent abuse by staff.

The New Media CMS integrates in such a way as to allow the management of a corporate Twitter presence without actually visiting or accessing the Twitter website directly and only exposes the basic functionality needed to manage a Twitter account.

The New Media CMS can also automatically create News, Job and Newsletter Tweets, taking the drudgery out of managing announcements from a New Media CMS powered website.

For more information about how a New Media CMS powered site can help you achieve your social networking goals, please contact us today.

Posted on: 7 Aug 2009@13:37:15, updated on: 7 Aug 2009@13:37:15.