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New Media CMS gets a new look

We're pleased to announce that we have begun the roll out of our new look CMS to all clients. Over the coming weeks, all New Media CMS powered sites will be upgraded to the latest CMS environment making the management of sites easier and more intuitive than ever before.

The New Media CMS has undergone a full overhaul of its user interface that not only provides a fresh new look but also, clarifies the language used and simplifies the use of the CMS by logically grouping related functions together making things easier to find and tasks quicker to complete. The consistency of the New Media CMS has also been improved making separate modules appear and behave in a more uniform manner which reduces the learning curve for new users and improves the experience of managing a web site for all.

Along with the new look, the New Media CMS now sports some extra features that remove the complexity of more advanced features that are available. The automation of embedding content from one part of the CMS into another for instance, reduces this one task from a 3 page, copy and paste process to just 4 mouse clicks on a single page.

To find out more about the New Media CMS and how it can help to improve your web presence, please contact us today.

Posted on: 1 Jul 2009@13:23:29, updated on: 1 Jul 2009@13:23:29.