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The vibrant hire strategies site uses the New Media CMS to integrate a Typepad blog and YouTube videos for maximum impact.


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New Media re-design Hire Strategies blog

Today saw the launch of the re-designed Talent Technology blog from Hire Strategies. The designs primary goal was to integrate more closely with both the main Hire Strategies website and third party Web2.0 applications such as Flickr and Twitter drawing together many channels into a consolidated site look and feel.

The redesign of the blog explicitly depends on features of the New Media CMS which powers the main site to provide a way of consuming and re-using content from third party sites and makes extensive use of the New Media CMS RSS aggregator and proxy services to re-deploy a single Flickr set within the blog design.

The New Media CMS platform is a great enabler allowing sites and functions delivered by many parties to be drawn together into one cohesive offering and presents a consistent user experience across all features.

For more information about the New Media CMS technology platform and how it can be used to bring all your Internet technologies together, please contact us today.

Posted on: 29 Jan 2009@13:09:42, updated on: 29 Jan 2009@13:09:42.