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The ALDI Ashby 20 site provides information about the Asbhy 20 road race and uses an e-commerce system to take online entries.


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New Media CMS twitters into life

Today, New Media Development rolled out new features that enable sites powered by the New Media CMS to tightly integrate with Twitter allowing users to post news articles directly from the New Media CMS to Twitter.

By integrating with Twitter, the New Media CMS allows users to take advantage of a powerful communication tool that delivers short updates to followers in a way that is familiar to many millions of people called Micro-blogging.

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New Media Development also released a new feature that integrates with TinyURL! allowing the New Media CMS to convert long website addresses into much shorter representations of themselves. This feature is being used in conjunction with the Twitter integration to allow the New Media CMS to create short links that point back to content created by users on a New Media CMS powered site.

For more information about how the New Media CMS and Twitter can help you to communicate with your audience, please contact us today.

Posted on: 27 Jan 2009@19:37:47, updated on: 27 Jan 2009@19:37:47.