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The mothercare jobs site uses HR-XML to import vacancies directly from Mothercare's internal recruitment systems for instant publication.


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Introducing IntelliURL™

New Media Development is proud to announce the release of the IntelliURL™ algorithm as part of the New Media CMS ensuring the delivery of an improved visitor experience by automatically correcting errors in the URLs that may have been entered by a visitor to your site.

IntelliURL™ employs techniques derived from the discipline of artificial intelligence in order to correctly match a URL entered by a site visitor to the actual URL that the New Media CMS requires and subsequently delivering the correct information to the visitor regardless of any errors in the content of the URL that is entered by the user.

With the release of IntelliURL™, New Media Development shows once again that it is dedicated to providing a content management system that is robust, easy to use and creates a visitor experience that is second to none.

For more information regarding IntelliURL™ and how the New Media CMS can boost your online presence, contact us today.

Posted on: 22 Apr 2007@01:23:50, updated on: 22 Apr 2007@01:23:50.