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New Media builds on link checker

New Media CMS - Link checker in actionToday, New Media Development rolled out it's updated link checker to all of it's New Media CMS powered clients.

Previously, the link checker provided a rudimentary check of all the outbound links on a site giving details of its status as a PASS or FAIL.

The new features that have been incorporated into the link checker gives users greater feedback and control over the outbound links on their site, and is capable of identifying dead links, redirected links and good links.

The report produced by the link checker uses a traffic light system to summarise the link quality and goes into greater detail about the nature of each link, showing the link text as it appears on the site, the address of the link and the page on the site where the link is located so users can quickly identify dead or suspect links and can remedy them immediately.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can help to improve the quality of your outbound links, please contact us today.

Posted on: 3 Nov 2008@19:37:48, updated on: 3 Nov 2008@19:37:48.