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New Media powers Institute of Management Services

Institute of Management Services screenshotNew Media Development is proud to announce that it is now hosting the Institute of Management Services website powered by the New Media CMS.

The new site was migrated from an existing static site and delivers increased accessibility, greater search engine optimisation features, (X)HTML standards compliance whilst also providing increased integration with the existing regional websites of the Institute.

The new site boasts search engine safe URL's, dynamic content drawn from third party sites, and over 120 pages of content that required extensive use of the IntelliURL features of the New Media CMS to ensure that users who may be using links that are now outdated are accurately redirected to the relevant content using the new search engine safe site structure.

With the move to a fully content managed site, the Institute of Management services aims to remove any maintenance costs associated with the running of the site and improve the speed of content updates.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can help you to deliver an accessible, standard compliant, search engine friendly, content managed website, please contact us today.


Posted on: 1 Nov 2008@17:55:48, updated on: 1 Nov 2008@17:55:48.