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The ALDI Ashby 20 site provides information about the Asbhy 20 road race and uses an e-commerce system to take online entries.


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Custom code capabilities added to New Media CMS

Today New Media Development rolled out new capabilities for the New Media CMS, introducing features that extend the power and flexibility of the platform further than ever before.

By providing users with the ability to customise their pages by including their own (X)HTML code into both the header of any page within the system and allowing them to add code to the footer of a page, users are now able to include their own style-sheets, javascript and custom headers that they may require for their site.

The addition of such a powerful feature means that a user can extend the capabilities of the CMS beyond the supported javascript libraries without the need for any custom development thereby increasing the functionality of their site without incurring any further development costs.

For more information about how the New Media CMS can give you the power and flexibility you need for your website, please contact us today.

Posted on: 15 Oct 2008@00:20:36, updated on: 15 Oct 2008@00:20:36.