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New Media CMS updates

We are pleased to announce that the latest revisions to the New Media CMS were successfully rolled out this weekend. This feature release improves many aspects of the CMS and provides greater reliability, efficiency and flexibility for users of the New Media CMS.

Major work has been carried out in several areas including e-Commerce, Newsletter management, SEO management, and the Navigation and Page management features which are at the heart of the New Media CMS.

The e-Commerce modules have been improved with the addition of variable shipping rates capable of providing shipping rates based on the weight of the order and/or, the distance of the customer from the point of shipping. Also, with international shipping rates differing on a country by country basis, the e-Commerce system is able to reflect this too. To add even more power and flexibility to the shipping rate features, exceptions in the form of postal code zones can be added which allows vendors to accommodate shipping costs to remote areas.

The Newsletter management module now provides the long awaited feature of scheduling allowing users to set and forget the time at which a newsletter will be sent out to its subscribers.

The SEO and Page management modules have received several behind the scenes updates to improve upon their reliability and consistency delivering a much improved experience when setting page titles, keywords and descriptions within each page of the site.

The Navigation manager has been improved to support multiple styles of navigational elements within one set of site navigation. This feature allows each link within the site navigation to have it's own unique look using colour, imagery and even font styles.

Additional javascript resources have also been added for use with the New Media CMS including the availability of SWFObject and sIFR to produce content rich sites that are still fully accessible, falling back gracefully where JavaScript and Flash players are not available.

For more information on the New Media CMS and how it can provide a feature rich experience for your visitors, please contact us today.


Posted on: 30 Sep 2008@11:54:41, updated on: 30 Sep 2008@11:54:41.