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New Media introduces "CSS compiler"

The New Media "CSS Compiler" is a new feature of the New Media CMS that improves the the delivery of New Media CMS websites and increases their responsiveness by reducing the number of network requests to download the constituent files that go to make up a web page.

In todays web design world, Cascading Stylesheets and semantic (X)HTML markup are used in conjunction to provide the look and the content of the website in two distinct parts and as designs increase in complexity, so to does the number of stylesheets that are required to achieve the sites look and feel.

Increasing the number of stylesheets that a site requires increases the load on the server and reduces the responsiveness of the site for visitors. The "CSS Compiler" is a direct response to this problem and works by compiling all of the sites stylesheets into one file, thereby reducing the number of file requests for stylesheets down to one. According to an Exceptional Performance article published by Yahoo!, reducing the number of file requests for a page is one of the top 10 ways of improving site performance.

In our tests of "CSS Compiler", the performance increases have been found to be noticable by site visitors and response times have been shown to improve by up to 40% for any given page.

For more information about how a New Media CMS driven website can deliver your content more quickly, please contact us today.


Posted on: 8 Apr 2008@14:44:53, updated on: 8 Apr 2008@14:44:53.