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IntelliURL gets a powerful new feature

Providing greater search engine and user friendly features through the New Media CMS is key to keeping our clients sites at the top of the search engine rankings and the forefront of technology and the latest features of IntelliURL show our commitment to this ethos perfectly.

IntelliURL has always been a useful tool for offline marketing purposes as it allows clients to create short and memorable URLs to resources within the site that may require complex and long URLs in normal use and its ability to spell check and correct any URLs that may have been mis-typed has helped to improve the user experience for site visitors when visiting the site from an offline starting point.

Today, IntelliURL improves on this established technology by incorporating full URL rewriting capabilities into its feature set.

Traditionally, URL rewriting has required a large amount of configuration and maintenance by a web-server administrator using specialist modules and plug-ins to allow URL rewriting to take place. The New Media CMS now opens up the capabilities and advantages of URL rewriting to any of its users by providing a simple and effective method of creating aliases for any pages or resources within the site.

For more information about how a New Media CMS powered site can help you and your users make the most of the Internet, please contact us today.

Posted on: 20 Mar 2008@17:02:50, updated on: 20 Mar 2008@17:43:58.