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Talent management network gets a new skin

Talent Management Network screenshotThe Ning powered Talent Management Network launched by Hire Strategies this week is sporting a look that has been designed and developed by New Media.

The aim of the design was to maintain brand consistency across the Hire strategies sites whilst fitting in with the layout and design restrictions placed on the site by Ning.

When the site was launched, Peter Gold of Hire strategies said "New Media have yet again done a fantastic job in taking a new technology platform and turning it into a workable business application."

The Talent Management Network was also integrated with the Hire Strategies main site and the Hire Strategies blog using RSS feeds from both sites to pull all of the user content together and tightly link the sites together.

For more information about how New Media can help to leverage 3rd party technologies and integrate them with your site to provide a seamless and rich user experience, please contact us today.

Posted on: 20 Mar 2008@16:44:51, updated on: 20 Mar 2008@16:44:51.