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Sender Policy Framework rules tightened

In response to the increase in SPAM that purports to originate from domains hosted by New Media Development, we have tightened the specifications of the Sender Policy Framework rules that designate genuine mail servers that can send mail on behalf of the domains we host.

The effect of this is two-fold. Any e-mails that are received by our mail servers that claim to be from domains we host will now fail in accordance with the Sender Policy Framework rules our mail servers implement. Secondly, any third party mail servers will have a definitive list of approved mail servers that are able to send mail on behalf of our clients and the domains we host.

For more information about Sender Policy Framework (SPF), visit the OpenSPF website or for more information about how New Media Development deploy SPF for our clients, please contact us.

Posted on: 10 Mar 2008@15:40:31, updated on: 10 Mar 2008@15:40:31.