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The Region 11 Training site uses the New Media CMS allow Region 11 to update the content of the site as they need.


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Competition manager module launched

New Media are proud to announce the launch of the all new Competition Manager module. The module integrates seamlessly with both the online shop module and the form manager module to allow users to define competitions that are either free to enter or carry an entry fee.

Competitions integrate with the form manager to provide a flexible way to build any number of details into each competition allowing the site to gather an extensive amount of information for each entry.

One of the first sites to adopt the Competition Manager is the Ashby 20 road race which also integrates with the online payment gateway Protx to allow the organisers to accept fee paying online entries to the race thereby automating a large amount of the information gathering process which has previoiusly been done by hand, transcribing entry details into an access database.

By moving to an online system powered by the New Media CMS and Competition Manager, the organisers of the Ashby20 road race expect to reduce their workload significantly.

UPDATE: Since going live earlier today with the Competition manager and online payement system, the Ashby20 site has received numerous items of positive feedback of which we have included an example here.

I race with my running buddy all of the time and we take it in turns to enter both of us into races. This is the first time I have been able to enter both of us as one transaction - brilliant and a huge time saver! I am very grateful for this facility.


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Posted on: 18 Jan 2008@04:22:49, updated on: 18 Jan 2008@16:11:51.