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The Tesco Careers website integrates with a third party ATS and delivers flexible web 2.0 platform on which to build.


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Enhanced purchase order management rolled out

New media has today rolled out an enhanced version of its purchase order management system allowing clients to create and track their purchase orders from their websites. The purchase order management system is built upon the pre-existing supplier management system and takes out a lot of the work involved in generating new purchase order requests.

The purchase order manager is designed to allow clients manage the generation of purchase orders quickly and easily and features:

  • Generate purchase orders for low stock items or choose from all items from a specific supplier
  • Automatically populates the majority of details required for each purchase order
  • Generation of PDF copies for archive and e-mailing purposes
  • Track the fulfillment status of existing purchase orders
  • Enhanced management of archived purchase orders
For more information about how the New Media CMS and e-commerce platform can help you with your online business, please contact us today.

Posted on: 9 Jan 2008@14:02:19, updated on: 9 Jan 2008@14:02:19.