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Tesco launches New Media powered site

Screenshot of the Fashion at Tesco homepageNew Media Development are proud to announce the launch of a new career site for the Fashion at Tesco brand.

The career site is powered by the New Media CMS and provides a high level of integration with third party applicant tracking systems through its HR-XML interface and custom RSS feeds.

The site was developed to be in-keeping with the main Fashion at Tesco site branding whilst being mindful of the rapidly changing requirements that the Fashion at Tesco site has. These aspects of the site design meant that New Media Development had to re-develop the site templates from the ground up in order to provide a fully standards compliant careers site that sports enhanced accessibility user interface features providing an improved experience for all visitors to the site.

Posted on: 27 Dec 2007@16:55:05, updated on: 27 Dec 2007@16:55:05.