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A new look for Hire Strategies

Screenshot of the new look Hire Strategies home pageNew Media Development are pleased to announce that this week, Hire Strategies took delivery of their new look website powered by the New Media CMS.

The development work for the new look covered the main site, a blog, an HTML newsletter, PDF documentation and Microsoft Word templates providing Hire Strategies with a consistent look and feel across all aspects of communication with clients. 

The Hire Strategies site provides enhanced accessibility features for all its visitors backed up by full XHTML standards compliance and integrates the latest breaking HR and Search Engine news using RSS feeds ensuring the site is automatically updated on a regular basis from various sources on the web.

Adding value with YouTube

YouTube logo with tagline "broadcast yourself" Several videos hosted by YouTube can also be found throughout the Hire Strategies site delivering value added content to visitors helping to illustrate the latest ideas and concepts in the field of on-line human resources.

The New Media CMS makes the process of adding and managing video content from other sites quick and easy allowing Hire Strategies to add in relevant content from multiple sources to deliver a comprehensive and entertaining website showcasing the technologies that are available to clients and illustrating how they can be used to best effect.

The new look in full!

Below, are some screenshots of the Hire Strategies website highlighting the design elements of the main website, blog and case study PDF documents. Illustrating the use of the same look to maintain consistency of brand whilst differentiating each different aspect of the content by using design element unique to each area of the site.

A typical inner page in the Hire Strategies site

The Hire Strategies main site delivers easy navigation, site search, content pods and cartoon graphics to deliver a fresh, clean look that is vibrant and full of energy. Using the right hand column to introduce extra navigation and value added content, the site design helps to merge the two separate areas of the main site and blog into one by showing the latest blog entries from Hire Strategies and other sources.


Screenshot of the Hire Strategies blog

The Blog continues the theme new Hire Strategies branding whilst introducing unique elements to help distinguish the blog as a separate area of the Hire Strategies online presence.





A Hire Strategies Case Study PDFDownloadable PDF documents on the Hire Strategies website show how the branding theme is extended to maintain the look and feel of the Hire Strategies site whilst again helping the site visitor to distinguish the document as a separate feature of the site.




For more information about the Hire Strategies site development or how you could manage your site using the New Media CMS please contact us.

Posted on: 17 Dec 2007@01:03:16, updated on: 17 Dec 2007@01:03:16.