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New Media trials TinyMCE 3 alpha 2

Moxiecode Logo This week, as part of our ongoing commitment to advancing the New Media CMS for our clients, New Media began trialling the latest alpha release of TinyMCE 3 on our development servers.

TinyMCE is a core component of the New Media CMS and by taking part in early alpha testing we are able to help shape the latest release of the WYSIWYG editor and iron out any issues that there may be for our clients well in advance of a full stable release.

The alpha release of TinyMCE 3 has been re-written from the ground up and has a smaller, more efficient code base that is significantly faster to download and run in a users browser. There have also been many refinements to the AJAX features of the editor including changes to the spell checker which was flagged during our initial testing processes and New Media have already successfully implemented a spell checking facility for TinyMCE 3 in ColdFusion.

Posted on: 13 Nov 2007@03:21:23, updated on: 13 Nov 2007@03:21:23.