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The vibrant hire strategies site uses the New Media CMS to integrate a Typepad blog and YouTube videos for maximum impact.


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Improved e-commerce reporting in the New Media CMS

A screenshot of the stock performance reports in the New Media CMS New Media are pleased to announce the latest updates to their New Media C.M.S. e-Commerce solution.

Designed to improve product sales intelligence, these latest updates allow users of the New Media e-Commerce platform to review best selling items on a monthly basis and review the sales performance of individual items over previous months.

The reports are designed to be a useful addition to users of the New Media C.M.S. and such, they can be downloaded at anytime ready for importing into all popular spreadsheet applications.

Exploiting your sales data

By using the New Media C.M.S. combined with the New Media e-Commerce platform, you can exploit your previous sales data to identify trends in sales and use that information to improve product placement allowing you to capitalise on those trends.

The reports can also help you to identify products that are selling poorly allowing you to analyse their sales performance over 12 months to gain an excellent picture of your markets.

For more information about how the New Media C.M.S. and e-Commerce platform can be used to help your online sales, contact us today.

Posted on: 10 Oct 2007@17:19:03, updated on: 10 Oct 2007@17:19:03.