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The Tesco Careers website integrates with a third party ATS and delivers flexible web 2.0 platform on which to build.


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Stay up to date with your content

Keeping on top of your content, making sure your site is up to date and simply knowing when to make those regular updates to your site can be a tricky business.

Today (8th October 2007), New Media Development launched a new feature of their New Media C.M.S. that allows you to define how often a page on your site is updated. When an update is imminently needed or overdue, the New Media C.M.S. simply reminds you in a clear way that you need to review your content and make updates accordingly.

The feature also seamlessly integrates with the sitemaps protocol, automatically telling the search engines that implement sitemaps about your site updates and letting them guage just how often your site is updated.

In today's increasingly competetive online world, keeping your site fresh and up to date is paramount to ensure that your visitors and search engines keep returning regularly and with the introduction of this feature, New Media Development make it easier than ever to stay on top of your sites content.

For more information about the New Media C.M.S. and to see just what it can do for you, please contact us today.

Posted on: 8 Oct 2007@00:35:18, updated on: 8 Oct 2007@00:35:18.