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Are you calling Hot Bike Bits?

In the last week, we have received a couple of calls from customers of hot bike bits regarding order enquiries.

Unfortunately, it seems that a typographical error has been made on the e-mails that are sent from the hot bike bits website and our telephone number has been entered rather than theirs.

We have approached hot bike bits and asked them to make the change to their website and they assure us that they will make the changes as soon as they have the time. Due to this error and unspecified length of time between notification of the error and hot bike bits making a rectification, we are posting the contact details for hot bike bits here:

Hot Bike Bits is owned and run by Chris Wilson of

3 St George's House
Vernon Gate

Tel: 01332 370022

Posted on: 12 Sep 2007@12:12:45, updated on: 12 Sep 2007@12:12:45.