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The Region 11 Training site uses the New Media CMS allow Region 11 to update the content of the site as they need.


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The Eyesite gets an accessibility update

The eyesite homepage New Media today set live a range of updates to the Eyesite, bringing it up to date with the latest guidelines in accessibility and providing visitors to the site with enhanced means of navigating around the site.

The Eyesite offers a huge amount of information to sufferes of RP and has always offered its content in a variety of colour schemes and text sizes, whilst respecting any users personalised accessibility settings. Now, the site provides improved keyboard navigation through the use of Access Keys and enhanced visual indicators of the visitors location on the site and their currently selected links.

For more information regarding how New Media Development can provide an accessible website for your visitors, please contact us today.

Posted on: 4 Sep 2007@01:56:41, updated on: 4 Sep 2007@01:56:41.