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The Early Learning Centre career site uses HR-XML to import vacancies directly from the Mothercare Group recruitment systems for instant publication.


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Phase 2 Mothercare jobs goes live

Mothercare Jobs homepage screenshot On the 30th August 2007, New Media Development and Hire Strategies Ltd delivered phase 2 of the Mothercare jobs recruitment website, integrating directly with Mothercare's new Applicant Tracking System from Vurv Technology, Inc.

The New Media CMS was extended to include a jobs database providing a powerful keyword and radial distance postcode search enabling visitors to quickly locate and apply for vacancies local to them. As part of the project, New Media Development also implemented an HR-XML interface to enable Mothercare to post vacancies directly from their Vurv powered ATS directly into their career site allowing for a seamless transition from visitor to applicant.

Posted on: 01-Sep-2007@23:31:20, updated on: 01-Sep-2007@23:31:20.