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The mothercare jobs site uses HR-XML to import vacancies directly from Mothercare's internal recruitment systems for instant publication.


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New Media CMS gets SEO upgrade

The New Media CMS has always been geared towards building and managing search engine friendly websites and the latest round of upgrades to the Content Management System provide even greater accuracy and flexibility for users to build and create search engine friendly URL's.

The New Media CMS is able to take free text and seamlessly convert it into a search engine friendly form ready for use as part of a search engine friendly URL. When a user creates a new page, all this happens automatically and the navigation builder includes search engine safe text that is both keyword rich and on-topic for the page that is associated with it.

For more information regarding how you could create and manage an effective website that is search engine friendly, contact us today.

Posted on: 13 Jul 2007@18:31:15, updated on: 13 Jul 2007@18:31:15.