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The Fashion at Tesco site provides a showcase for jobs and allows for easy integration with third party ATS.


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Hire Strategies

Hire Strategies

Hire Strategies

Hire Strategies has been working with New Media Development since 2003. When they wanted to revamp their website, they naturally looked to New Media Development for guidance and advice to help them to plan their new content and how best to present it.

The Hire Strategies site is again, a fully content managed site allowing full control over every aspect of the site using a straightforward admin interface that is powerful and yet deceptively easy to use.

The Hire Strategies site also integrates with the Hire Strategies blog which is hosted by Typepad and regularly downloads the latest blog posts for inclusion within the main Hire Strategies site.

When building the Hire Strategies website the integration with the Typepad blog required a custom DNS solution to ensure brand consistency that New Media Development was able to provide as part of the full service approach we take to our clients online presence.

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