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New Media FAQ

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e-mail client settings

Frequently asked questions regarding e-mail configuration settings to access New Media Development mail servers.

What is the address of your POP server?
The address of our POP3 server is:
What is the address of your SMTP server?
Our SMTP server address is: it listens out for connections from clients on the standard SMTP port 25. For clients who use ISPs that block outgoing mail except through their servers, we also offer SMTP over the non-standard port of 2525.
Do you support IMAP?
We support IMAP for specific clients. Please contact us for more details.
I can receive, but cannot send e-mails and I'm getting an error. How do I fix this?

Our mail servers are configured to only allow authorised users the ability to send e-mails to stop our servers being abused by spammers. When your account was initially configured we will have provided you with a special user name and password to use in the SMTP authentication process. If you no longer have these details, please contact us and we will remind you of them.


I'm getting a lot of spam, is there anything you can do about this?


Yes, and no. In the past, our servers were configured to only allow e-mail from mail servers that followed best practice with regards to how they were configured and refused to accept mail from servers that were not configured to this standard.

Unfortunately, there are too many genuine mail servers that do not follow best practice for their configuration and we have had to relax many of the restrictions based on this fact to allow genuine mails through. The knock on effect of this is that the amount of spam we allow through to our clients has increased significantly. In response to this increase in SPAM, we have instantiated an increased number of techniques that scan and tag e-mails that are suspected of being spam. By doing this, we aren't deleting that all important business e-mail but we are providing the means by which an e-mail client can be configured to filter out suspect e-mails into a separate folder for easier management of the inbox.

We have issued information about how to set up filters and also recommend several spam filters that can be installed to filter and manage SPAM more effectively at the mail client.

What else do you do to combat spam?

New Media Development actively persue a zero tollerance policy on SPAM and use several techniques to help reduce the amount of abuse that can be experienced for any domains that we host.

Our primary tool in this process is to use SPF records that are used to inform other mail servers if the e-mail address of the sender is allowed to use the mail server from which the e-mail originates. For more information on SPF records, please visit

As you may have also read, we require that any client sending mail through our servers uses a special user name and password to authenticate themselves before they are allowed to send e-mail. This guarantees that the client is legitimate and helps us to identify attempted abuse of  mail server