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The FontFeed is a font blog, updated at least weekly with typography tips, fresh new fonts, and the latest FontShop news.

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The Tesco Careers website integrates with a third party ATS and delivers flexible web 2.0 platform on which to build.


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Tracie Koziura

Tracie has been a designer for most of her professional career, starting out as a clothing designer, with designs being sold by such high street names as Marks and Spencers and House of Fraser, eventually developing her own business designing school wear and custom clothing.

As the business grew, Tracie became more involved in the use of computers for graphic design and she eventually sold her clothing business in order to pursue her interest in the emerging medium of computer aided graphic design.

Tracie developed her first e-Commerce site for a client in 1998 and we are happy to report we still manage and maintain that site to this day. Although, it is far removed from its humble beginnings as it has been revised to keep up with the latest developments in Internet technologies as they have developed.

Tracie's creative passions are Photography, Photoshop & Fonts!

When not in front of her view-screen, she can usually be found behind the viewfinder of her new Canon SLR camera snapping shots of anything that moves (and anything that doesn't!), most of her pictures being employed in the design field at some point whether it be for a homepage graphic or a Photoshop texture.

After many years working in the Photoshop environment, Tracie graduated from her 'Sows Ear to Silk Purse' class with distinction and many a masterpiece has emerged from photographs that most pe