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NMD integrate ActiveRecruiter for Jessops Careers

Jessops logo - Advice for lifeThe New Media CMS powered Jessops career site today saw the go live of a new integration with ActiveRecruiter from Jobpartners. The integration leverages an industry standard HR-XML based interface to facilitate the transfer of jobs from ActiveRecruiter into the Jessops career site in order to give the jobs as wide an exposure as possible by exposing them to the search engines.

The integration then drive applicants back through the site, transferring them seamlessly to an ActiveRecruiter powered application form.

Jobpartners have become the fourth ATS vendor to integrate their systems with the New Media CMS platform which is capable of providing a seamless applicant experience with the added flexibility of an enhanced career site managed by a full content management system.

To find out how the New Media CMS can deliver an enhanced visitor experience for your site, please contact us today.

Posted on: 06-Nov-2009@18:33:23, updated on: 06-Nov-2009@18:33:23.