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The ALDI Ashby 20 site provides information about the Asbhy 20 road race and uses an e-commerce system to take online entries.


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Performance and functional gains for New Media CMS

Adobe PDF logoNew Media today rolled out new features for their e-commerce platform that provide users with the capability to generate PDF documents directly from data within their e-Commerce and CMS systems.

Initially, these features have been rolled out to enable PDF invoice and delivery note generation but plans are in place to extend these features into several areas of the New Media CMS platform allowing users to benefit from the ability to view their information in a variety of different formats. For the future, support for other file formats is also in the pipeline with increased support for exporting documents in Microsoft Word format too.

Increased performance

Since migrating to the ColdFusion 8 platform in October 2007, New Media have also introduced several features and performance enhancements to their CMS and e-Commerce platforms that leverages the increased functionality provided by Adobe's Application Server over previous versions.


ColdFusion 8 logo With the introduction of multi-threading capabilities in CF8, the New Media CMS event framework has benefitted by running tasks that are not user dependent asynchronously to the main framework functions. This feature alone has seen processes which have previously taken minutes to complete for a user in the past, now take mere seconds thereby improving the response times and increasing the productvity and throughput of the New Media CMS and e-Commerce platforms.

Increases in speed can be found across the entire New Media CMS framework and covers features such as sending Newsletters to thousands of users in seconds, aggregating hundreds of RSS feeds 10 times faster than before, updating stock counts independen