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New Media FAQ

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CFX_POP3 support

Common questions regarding CFX_POP3 that can be solved relatively quickly.

Why is my query returning blank content for some e-mails?

This is an issue with missing codepage translation tables on the server. When CFX tag translates e-mails from the codepage it was sent in to the codepage you have specified in the tag for use within ColdFusion (usually non-UTF-8 to UTF-8), it attempts to do this through the Windows API.

If the codepage that the e-mail is using isn't installed on your server, the Windows API returns an empty string. For the widest possible support for e-mails using different codepages, install all the codepage conversion tables on the server to ensure that the CFX tag has access to every codepage that Windows supports.

Codepage conversion tables screenshot

Once the codepage tables are installed, add the attribute CHARSET="utf-8" in the calls to CFX_POP3 on CFMX servers to tell CFX_POP3 to translate all e-mail content into utf-8.